[ALL][ALL] Reverting the sniper LoS nerf

1 month ago

I personally disagree with the recent sniper LoS nerf. There seems to be a trend in balancing that units aren't allowed to be strong anymore. I think strong units make the game much more exciting as long as viable counters to them exist.

Now that Pathfinders gain bonus damage against snipers and several other units have received similar anti-sniper buffs (kubel, puma) I would suggest giving snipers their old LoS back.

My reasoning is that snipers are very useful to break open stale playing styles like MG spam, especially in team games. Without snipers being able to decrew MGs, support weapon heavy games can drag on for a very long time, with very little options to counter it. I feel like snipers deserve to be powerful anti-MG units. The recent LoS nerf made snipers a lot less potent in this role.

Please consider reverting the nerf and providing more viable counters in stead.


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    1 month ago
    FelinewolfieFelinewol… Posts: 688

    I'd agree with you.
    Whole point was COH1 had jeep and sniper. sniper being 4 pop.
    You had HORDES of snipers running invisible in middle of the street.

    New sniper is recon and sniper. This way 1) remove sidecar recon bike, and default US jeep.
    At least their cost went down.

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