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2 days ago

I think everyone is aware of an advantage of ally players in big team games such as 3v3 and 4v4 due to superior arty power.

Only few OH and OKW commanders can match that firepower. Those equalisers have some good abilities to counter hordes of howitzers, mortars, american tubes and so on. May be the best one is the festung support commander of OH. With his abilities such as mortar half-track, smoke and howitzer this commander is a pretty nice counterbalance.

But now this doctrine is going to be absolutely useless. It doesnt provide anything for 1v1 and 2v2 modes and now without howitzer and smoke neither for big team games.

I think, this commander doesnt need any updates, he is as good as he is now.

Thank you for your attention.


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    2 days ago
    MastersteveMasterste… Posts: 3
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    This is just not true. OKW and Wehrmacht have non doc rocket arty right from the start. Especially the walking stuka can destroy light vehicles and wipe out intire Squads with one hits. Play USF or Brits and you will see how underwhelming they are in comparison. M8 Scotty is actually a joke at the moment because it has basically no damage, low range and bad accuracy. Just TRY it and i bet you will agree.

    If you go doctrines as USF or Brit, yes they have then equal arty fire power, but better??? Not really. Especially because axis can have both heavy tanks and heavy arty. USF and brit have to decide.

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