Game Crashes to Desktop in online Custom Match (Selecting Commanders or Loading a Saved Game)

3 weeks ago

All Factions - In Online games, Custom Games, Game Crashes to Desktop in online Custom Match when attempting to change to any of the three Commanders, or while it's Loading a Saved Game.

Backstory - When I fist Downloaded this game last week, I had none of these issues. I was able to freely select through and look at different commanders and check what they do (even after adding the Mods). I could load a saved game, etc. I got the Master Collect ion Bundle for all the added DLC.

Then like 2 days ago, like a day after I tried playing around with subscribing to/adding two mods: 1) Unit Cap Increase to 500, 2) All Units unlock. The next day, after restarting PC and firing up the game, when I went to select a different Commander in an Online Custom Game Creation, the moment it would enter into the window showing all the commanders of a faction (any faction), Bam, Crash to Desktop. Never happened before. Tried that a couple times, same thing. I unsubbed the mods, Game still crashed. I ran the Steam Verify integrity of local game Files, all said good. Tried again, game still crashed. I un-installed and re-installed, game still crashed, all while trying to select the commanders. It doesn't matter what map or what faction I select... it does the same thing.

So, I went ahead and played a custom game without fiddling with it. The Game ran just fine. Saved my game. Came back to it today, and tried to load the Game, and 3/4 the way through the load progression stopped and then crashed the game. So odd that even after unsubbing, un-installing/re-istalling fresh, it has the same problem now, when just a couple days ago, there was no problem.

All my drivers are up to date.


Window 10 Pro 64bit OS Build 19041.985
Intel i9 10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz Ten Core 20MB 125W
MB MSI Z490M Edge WiFi
64 GB Ram
EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER XC 8GB Open Air Driver Version:

Don't have a bug splat screen shot atm, (will update), but did submit a report on that too.
There were no other warnings that showed up.



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