Heroes give players a little old proposal mines (Okay! I use English)

5 years ago
Himself recently heard rumors that the system will be recycled commander, three tech tree to generation, some of which can be customized technology. We do not know the true and false! But still excited ♥ If that is true, then I myself have a little suggestion, only to reference ★ ★ ★ First, it might be able to put skills are put out! Up to now a total of five commanders skill echelon (can any any echelon within each skill to pick a skill) allows players to own free combination of 1 to 6 commander! (The first one can be completely free ♥, the remaining five charges ₩ way, such as the first one original first two 2-fold ₩ ₩ ₩ Section 3 Section 4 3 times 4 times 5 times ₩ ₩ Section 5 is a) the next will be easier, and you can figure mine would chant! Look at those skills to use rate. Particularly high, there is not necessary to consider should be added directly to 1 to 4 years of science and technology! Basically nobody uses naturally given piece of information should be weeded out of the .....


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    5 years ago
    Nuclear ArbitorNuclear A… Posts: 1,445
    does anyone speak Chinese? Google translate has unfortunately butchered what he said...

    if i understand you correctly you're proposing that people be able to choose abilities for their doctrines? there are some pretty serious balance issues with that though.
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    5 years ago
    Brandley2142Brandley2… Posts: 1,043
    Does he want each skill to have a certain rating? That way you have to pick and choose certain abilities for your commanders when customizing them? That's what I gathered. This could work but there is no reason to fix what isn't broken. But his English needs fixing
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    5 years ago
    BadMeatBadMeat Posts: 333
    Going by the OP's first line:-

    Perhaps abilities/call ins can be categorised & you can only select one/two ability's/call in's from each category. Example: call in armoured units like IS-2 IS-152 & the T34-85. You could pick which one of the three you would include in the choice. You cannot call in the IS-2 & the IS-152 in the same tech tree path but you could include them in a different tech tree path just like in vcoh.

    The way the commanders are now they basically overlap each other with call ins & ability's, but if we were able to select the overlaps instead of having to pay for these custom overlaps that would be good. Obviously you would not be allowed to select too many of the same type of ability or heavy call in units at the same time to get a godly tech tree.
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    5 years ago
    Nuclear ArbitorNuclear A… Posts: 1,445
    it would still allow people to make some really strong doctrine and cuts into relic/sega's revenue source
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    5 years ago
    His suggestion seems to be based off the post someone on CoH2 made saying Relic were looking into a three-commander tree system like vCoH.
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    5 years ago
    Nuclear ArbitorNuclear A… Posts: 1,445
    the guy who got banned/sued today?
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