Forced scrolling on the forum

7 years ago
So while the new forum seems to be shaping up nicely now, there's this one little feature that keeps bugging me like crazy - There's all sorts of forced scrolling! When I open a topic it tries to scroll all the way to the bottom, same goes when I make a new post. Every little attempt the forums try to forcibly make me look at something is annoying.

Please remove this feature :)



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    7 years ago
    ValkyrieValkyrie Posts: 2,132
    Also, I have no idea why I posted this here.
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    7 years ago
    Elite930Elite930 Posts: 1,792
    well i agree whit you and ait this ok place for it?
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    7 years ago
    James HaleJames Hale Posts: 1,814 mod
    Agreed. Get rid of it! :D
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    7 years ago
    capiquacapiqua Posts: 270
    I agree with remove scroll
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    7 years ago
    I also agree with removal of scrolling.
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    7 years ago
    HaukenHauken Posts: 197
    I agree (spacespace)
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    7 years ago
    NounNoun Posts: 285
    Hmm.. Okay, I'll see what I can get the web guys to do about it.
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    7 years ago
    Hello, you do not notice that you have no balance in the game ?
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    7 years ago
    HingieHingie Posts: 2,009
    Theres a balancing forum. Its called the balancing forum section. Still kinda amusing post. Even if completely out of place. Although now that he mentioned it, perhaps the scrolling is causing the balance problems? I sense there might be a conspiracy at work here...
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    6 years ago
    TorniksTorniks Posts: 368
    I get forced scrolling on mobile, plus the desktop version is really slow, in fact it has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks. Anybody else experiencing this?
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    6 years ago
    Also what's up with the way that when you're looking at the list of topics, it often doesn't show the most recent post? Like I'll post in a topic, and when I go back to the topic list page for that section (general discussion or whatever) the topic is still way down the page and says the last post was like a day ago. It doesn't always happen but it happens pretty often, where a topic doesn't update itself with the latest post information properly.
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    6 years ago
    TorniksTorniks Posts: 368
    Also, you don't always get notified of replies by email.
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