Kharkov pursuit, is it a joke?

5 years ago
On general, not only is it impossible to survive, it's not in any way fun. It's gotta rank at the top of the most unbalanced game I've ever played. If you played it early on, try it again after the patches and see what you think. If it's just me, feel free to school me on how to make it through. Lol!


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    5 years ago
    In2anityIn2anity Posts: 521
    Indeed it is difficult, but not impossible. The key is to gain early map control via any means necessary ( try pio-spam into mgs then grens ). Use MGs and MG bunkers to hold the two key cutoffs early game. Do not apply standard 1v1 play-style, and your going to need to get alot of paks due to short barrel on the pIVs.

    In fact the dlc co-op designed bigger scenarios are even harder than said when soloing ( due to your relatively dumb AI team members ).

    See here for more info:
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    5 years ago
    bkandorbkandor Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info, I feel like the scenario may have changed since some of those older tips. eg. It no longer mentions about getting extra res when you don't hold cp's. I've tried spamming etc. but honestly I've been beaten so bad by their penals that they've destroyed my base before they even get tanks. 10 or 12 minutes max. time.
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    5 years ago
    bkandorbkandor Posts: 3
    Dappy wrote: »
    This question regarding Kharkov has come up many times by many people. I just posted and answer in another thread you might find useful:

    Just saw this, I read your post, sound nigh on impossible! But its a good read. I'll try again, not sure if I could do 50 times. Reminds me on that 1vs1 map in coh that was near impossible against hard ai.
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    5 years ago
    DappyDappy Posts: 15
    50 times.... let me clarify. I played and lost roughly 50 times before I stopped and spent a week thinking about it. I formulated those facts/certainties that I cited in my post and I then came up with this strategy. With this new way of thinking, I won it after only 3 attempts. The first 2 tries I was holding out for the P4 command tank. After those 2 losses I decided to get the Stug-E as it is cheaper and comes in sooner. My first attempt with the Stug-E was a win.
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    4 years ago
    j1mboj1mbo Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I've got a fairly simple way to beat this mission. It requires a small amount of luck to get right but once you do the rest is easy.

    The build order is:

    First lot goes to the center VP. Cap it and surround it with barbed wire so it is inaccessible.
    Second lot goes to lower VP. Cap it and surround it with barbed wire so it is inaccessible.
    Third lot goes to upper VP. Cap it and surround it with barbed wire so it is inaccessible.
    Fourth start capping points while your guys are building barbed wire.

    You can shift click to build rings of barbed wire. If the edges of the VP area are exposed at all the enemy may still be able to cap it. You also have to hope you don't run into enemy units as they may cause trouble. You may want to manually place the last barbed wire piece to avoid trapping the pioneers inside.

    By the time each point is surrounded the enemy will be in range of your pioneers. Retreat them or cap other points for resources.

    As soon as you can escalate to first battle phase and start building paks. Basically once the VP's are covered with wire you focus on base defense. I'm not sure if this is even needed because when I did it the AI basically couldn't deal with not having VP's and didn't attack my base.

    I won the game in 13 minutes.

    Hope this helps, spread it around to the other posters that need help.
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    5 months ago

    We need to hold the Center Victory Point and half of the map for around 15 min. During this period of time we get enough fuel to build the tank. Once the tank is available, it is easy to win the game.
    To enjoy this crazy game is simple. No need Base defense, no need barbed wire, no need specific Doctrines, just create around 7 machine gunner and send them into the houses which locate around the center Victory Point, the upper side and lower side of the map. Make sure to set the machine gun pointing outside the window which enemy will come.
    The winning secret of this game is inside these houses. We can change the firing direction of these machine gun so that they can suppress the Soviet soldier effectively when they come more that one group. Soviet soldier will be very difficult to capture the center Victory Point.
    AI will send several half-track and T-70 to storm the houses. If the PAK is not yet available, the machine gunner can save themselves by switching into incendiary rounds. The bright white color shot can kill the half-track, T-70 by few burst.
    The machine gunner cannot kill the T-34 or KV-1, you need at least one PAK anti-tank gun to protect the houses from damage before the tank is available.

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