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5 years ago
Janne252Janne252 Posts: 118
Capture The Flag game mode

- Not a traditional CTF with team flags
- Usually 2 flags in the map, placed in middle of the map on a null territory. Both teams have same distances to the flags.
- Each team must take the flag and return it to their base.
- The first team to capture 10 flags wins!
- Only infantry can carry a flag.
- Snipers / team weapon squads cannot carry a flag.
- When a unit carries a flag it starts walking slowly and can't enter vehicles, capture abandoned vehicles, or capture territory.
- If you try to retreat when carrying a flag you will drop the flag.
- When you carry the flag you have an ability to drop the flag
- Abilities which increase unit speed wont affect flag carriers (Oorah, for example)
- This map is made for human players, as the AI doesn't know how to play capture the flag.

Workshop link

Short demonstration of the flag mechanics:



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