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Who are we?

BSB Network is a mature/adult community of social and casual gamers that was established in 2002. Our aim is to provide a friendly and stable community for all fair gamers and clans to socialise and game together! We aim to accommodate casual and more competitive gamers, rewarding loyalty and longevity. We have no restrictions on attendances, ages, locations or even skill - all we ask is for fair play, a friendly attitude and a bit of common sense!

What do we offer?

We offer gamers;
[*] Stability - We've been around for more than 12 years now!).
[*] 1v1 community CoH ladder
[*] Activity - Our community is very active and friendly with members from all over the world at all times of day!
[*] Experience - We've supported many different games and types within our time including CoH & CoHO.
[*] Teamspeak 3 server on a long lease with plenty of slots and activity.
[*] Maturity - Our community administrators and clan administrators are all adult gamers - no bad-mins or kid-mins here!!!
[*] Interactive modern website, with fun features, achievements and awards systems.
[*] Progression to staff roles for appropriate people.
[*] Casting and video production opportunities
[*] True multi-game support - if you fancy playing a different game with your mates!
[*] Membership classes and awards
[*] Regular events and tournaments
[*] Competitive gaming - we host many internal tournaments & events and aim to provide several competitive gaming teams for public matches and external events/ladders.
[*] Regular meet up events - airsoft, paintball, BBQ's and pi$$ups are regular features!
[*] Much much more!

What do we expect?

All we ask is members of our community obey a few common sense conduct rules. Our in-house clan members have some terms of membership that are based around maturity and loyalty. Details on our website.

How to join

To get involved with our games and community simply visit our website and register or join our Teamspeak server and get involved - anyone is welcome to run in a few games with us, no obligation to join!

if you're interested in being involved with our in-house clan then you need to register at our website and submit the clan membership form!



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