[StC] StormCloud Recruiting - The Friendly Casual to Competitive Gaming Community

5 years ago
Hello Everybody,

We Are!!!

A friendly gaming community of CoH 2 and Smite Players round about 70 members each. We want to provide a community where you can play your favourite game with your mates and have fun. We accommodate players from around the world ranging from Argentina to Scotland and many more.

What We Provide...

- A friendly and helpful community with no pressure.
- 24/7 TeamSpeak 3 Sever with space for over 500 people and extra guest gaming channels for you and your friends.
- Training Events and a training officer to help new players and whoever wants to improve.
- Seasoned CoH2 Veterans for some very interesting competitive matches.
- Our own website with the latest news, updates and forum.
- Our own Steam group so you can find any one from StC quick and easy.
- A Clan ranking system where you can rise through the ranks to become a mighty general
- Clan Tournaments

What We Expect!!!

- Good manners in Forum and TS3
- Respect the clan rules

How Can I Join???

- Visit us on our TS3 Server
- Contact us on Steam StC-Fubar, StC-PeppersGhost, StC-CATW3AZAL, StC-Cr33D
- PM me with your request
- Just leave a comment and we will contact you

You are welcome to play with us any time, no obligations.

TS3: ts3.stcgaming.info

Website: http://www.stcgaming.info

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/stormcloudgaming

And for all who are looking to join the Smite Division of our clan please visit http://www.reddit.com/r/SmiteLFM/comments/2cjgaq/all_stormcloud_clan_recruiting for more information or ask StC-YogiYogaBear on Steam or come to our TS3 Server.

You don’t have TS3? No problem, you can download it at http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads It's free!!

See you soon at StC ;)

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