Historical Battles Mod/Maps Pack (H.B.M) [Release version]

6 years ago
Yo everyone, I started making a mod about historical battles a while ago (as I am a ww2 fanatic), in the beginning of 2014 to be exact. I started my work with some Relic's map ( now also with community ones) , and I did even do some of these of COH 1. Then when I discovered the "tuning pack" I was a bit worried and I had my reasons in fact the tunings pack overwrote part of my script. However I found the code for modding the "tuning packs" with my scar file. That was a real victory, (thanks to pinguino of the "soviet realism" mod and ellw00d) and it took time but I did update all my maps as long as the "soviet realism" mod unique compatibility. But when I discovered the warfare (now spearhead) mod which reminded me so much of my good days with the coh 1 blitzkrieg mod, I decided immediately to work with it. And here I am, with this released version of some of the maps (8 for now).

The mains features

First these maps are Multiplayer/coop/solo maps with a very accurate historical focus. (The maps I modded are community maps or relic maps)
  • You will have one unique commander for each side per map. (whith the abilities I chose)
  • Reinforcements which come overtime(one in the first few minutes, then after 15 minutes for 2vs2 maps , 20 for 3vs3 maps, 25 minutes for 4vs4 maps, each players, in large battles such as 4vs4 could get up to 4 reinforcements.
  • Build able units are limited to the time of the battle, same for reinforcements (I have always worked with doc so it's very accurate, but I did choose in some case to add more of some for balancing ).
  • Balance, as you may realize my maps are not very competitives( one side is defending the other is attacking, so basically the attackers has more offensive units such as tank, vehicles, artillery... as the defensive side which will have more anti-tank guns MGs, and mines... ), they have been balanced for fun team play not for competition team play!
  • Some scenarios due to the historical handicap or restrictions could be easier for the attackers side but not often for the defensive side, I tested the maps with AIs and the AIs in coh 2 doesn't really know how to defend, so try to defend with friends it's funnier.
  • The map preview is very important because it shows you which side is attacking and which side is defending.
  • Works (only) with the "spearhead" mod
Link to the map pack: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/f.../?id=278345266

I hope you will try them out!
For more infos, my steam ID JMWW2
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