Where'd all my Polish chicks go?

4 years ago
I notice from looking at the attrib files that partisans no longer give a chance to be female when you pop them out of the buildings? I played Partisans and never got a female in multiple games (and I basically just exclusively use them as my infantry when I use that doctrine).

One question:


Move your dupa and put the 50/50 chance of female partisans back in Relic. D:


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    4 years ago
    Some months ago this was raised. Said months ago Cynthia acknowledged it.

    The rest as with everything else was history.
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    4 years ago
    I brought this up when they took them out in a patch. The fact that they don't care enough to fix it is one of the reasons I haven't played the game since, and wont buy any additional content for the game. I still check back every time there is a patch to see if they fixed it, like today, but I am always disappointed.

    And to be clear it's not that I need female units in the game to be able to play it, it's that they were in the game, got patched out, supposedly because of a bug with the female model specifically, but they don't seem to care enough to fix them and put them back.

    That part is what is f****d, the fact that they just don't care enough to fix what was working fine before.
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