New commander USA

4 years ago

The 2 missing in 3 Americans COMMANDERS
Airborne -support ( strafing P47 + P47 + parachute drop rocket bombardment + + Support Munition )
-Support Infantry ( sniper + a half-track Able to deposit weapons on the ground + non mortar and Rangers)
-support Shielded ( M18 Hellcat + the Greyhounds without his gun is not really no what Greyhounds émoticône squint ' )
Thank you logic to Relic


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    4 years ago
    ImperialDaneImperialD… Posts: 3,197 mod
    edited April 2016

    It's fine if you want to suggest commanders. But it's not relaly clear what you are asking for here. 3 seperate commanders.. or .. combined abilities. or ? And you're not really making an argument as for why or anything.

    It's essentially a wish list. And we have a section for that.

    So locking this thread.

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