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4 years ago
omar_empomar_emp United Arab EmiratesPosts: 533
  • 1CP Increased view range while in cover and not in combat
    , like for real the UKF have it at vet 1 with no need of specific doctrine.

  • 2CP I&R path finders 3 soldiers squad that make same number of soldiers as major they should get a 4th squad member and they should be same as jeager squad of OKW that can snipe or just give it a buff as they only have m1a1 carbines

  • 3CP greyhound armored car must be fixed it have a 37mm but less effective than M20 utility car while also less effective range while it also have a useless ability and also the m8 is costly and ineffective at all as you must upgrade armor while the armor upgrade should be already there and replace it that cost 70 for HMG or make both upgrade like COH1 and give it a buff,

  • 5CP recon like major have a recon that even 10ammo more but ok,

  • 9CP the manpower consuming ability most ability that consume manpower even more than tiger ace , 2 squad of para and a crew less cannon like for real? It should replace cannon with third squad or make it crewed ,also upgrades shouldn't be random t must be that you choose for free between the 3 of them as also lvl 2 medic kit ability self heal don`t work and last they don't have a demo charge .


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    4 years ago

    In my opinion the last ability just needs to be changed. The air drop combat group will never be useful. Good players aren't finding the normal paratrooper drop ability that useful, why should their be an even more risky version of it?

    The AT gun can be disastrous. In some cases using that ability is like giving your enemy an AT gun and not just a AT gun but one that has a much higher rate of fire than theirs and can pen USF tanks fine.

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    4 years ago
    Cpt. BlitzCpt. Blitz Posts: 729

    Recon and Mechanized commander are absolutely terrible. They need to be reworked, but that's along with a host of other commanders haha.

    Relic doesn't care. It'll take them a year at this point

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    4 years ago
    omar_empomar_emp United Arab EmiratesPosts: 533

    @CPT. BLITZ lol u are right they just care for axis :blush:

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    4 years ago
    Wish you'd been more specific but yeah recon is unplayable.

    Mechinazed is an OK 1v1 choice, cuz you can WC 51 to victory; however, I feel like it should offer something more in place of the recon run. And the halftrack call in is way overpriced.

    Recon should have a sniper instead of I and R pathfinder's, forward observers should be moved to 0CP, the m8 should be given a stronger canister shell and the ability to camouflage, also airdrop combat group HAS to be changrd, it is sooo bad, maybe a artillery ability like the I and R barrage or a camouflaging M18.
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    4 years ago

    I would like to see the Greyhound perform like what it is... an M20 variation with a slightly bigger gun. Maybe it has AEC type vehicle damage and shows up a little earlier as a flaktrack counter.

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