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I thought i could make you a suggestion to a new Company of Heroes commander for the Wehrmacht.
Of course you dont have to but i thought it would be very nice to hear what you think about such an commander.


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    Hallo Relic-Forum,

    my name is Lukas and im from Germany so first of all please excuse my weak english skills.

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    So feel free to be honest.

    I think a great commander could be an "Volkssturm" general.

    He could have simple doctrines like other commanders have. Like "more supplies for a certain time" or because of "das letzte Aufgebot" (the last presence) a "push on the general manpower" or a "faster recruitment of squad reinforcements".
    But what would be really cool is "a seperate squad of Volkssturm soldiers". They could look a bit like the partisans from the soviet faction. Wear civil clothes but an Wehrmacht helmet or they wear Wehrmacht clothes but very old and worn ones. But please if you design such soldiers, please do it with "Feldgrau" (fieldgray :D ) i dont like the green of the Wehrmacht soldiers in CoH2 very much

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    And historically were the uniform of the Wehrmacht Fieldgray (thats why the soldiers called each other Feldgrauer Bruder "Fieldgray brother"). First in 1940 the german soldiers worn the M40 fielduniform with a breeze touch of green

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    But anyway It would make very fun i think!

    But because the Volkssturm was a military insignificant formation of old man and very young people between 16 and 60 years which already served world war one or just went to school, they should not be very strong in the game. But i think what could be really cool is a special possibility like "Durchhalten" because of the Haltebefehl of the Führer in 1945. In the game it could be mean that the squad cant be suppressed or they wont flee because of soviet propaganda.

    I mean historically viewed the Volkssturm was to little and very inadequate equipped to change the end of the war. Generalmajor Hans Kissel sad once in 1945 the Volkssturm needs 1,3 million of handguns and they had 18.575. He sad they would need 75.000 machine-guns and they had just 181.

    BUT in consider to this facts the Volkssturm for example defends Aachen over weeks against a superiority of american soldiers in 1944. I mean only 13.000 german soldiers and a support of 5.000 Volkssturm-soldiers defended Aachen against 100.000 american soldiers with tanks and air-support a whole of 6 weeks.

    Greetings from Germany


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    @Wōđanaz said:

    But please if you design such soldiers, please do it with "Feldgrau" (fieldgray :D ) i dont like the green of the Wehrmacht soldiers in CoH2 very much

    He's right, you know. Those uniforms look terrible.

    I think Volkssturm would better fit within the OKW. The Ostheer has the ostruppen as cheap infantry. Plus the wehrmacht reflects the German army of 1943. OKW is meant to be the German army at the times of the Ardennes Assault in December 1944.

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    The only thing I don't like about the Volkssturm, is that it represents the young and old of Germany who basically were forced to fight more for the SS and for Hitler, than the conservatively minded Wehrmacht.

    This is a game though so alas history doesn't really have a place here.

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