Modding request to developer. Files needed

4 years ago
SVKSVK Posts: 2

I need some help. I´ve created some skinpacks for the Wehrmacht / OKW, namely the Stahlgewitter and Wintergewitter series.
Now I want to create a new dirty version. My problem is: some tanks and halftracks seem to have shared treads. And I don´t have access to this tread files using the Mod builder
So I need the tread files for:

Jagdpanzer IV
Halftrack Infrared
Halftrack Flak
Halftrack Stuka

These treads are not inkluded. I don´t know where to find and where to place them. So if someone could help me out, that would be fantastic.




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    4 years ago
    MajdMajd Posts: 41

    I think you should check the tread files from the Ostheer. The halftracks could be using the treads of the halftrack from the Ostheer, and the panther could be using one of the other files from them.

    Could be one of these:

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    4 years ago
    SVKSVK Posts: 2

    Thanks for the answer.

    I tried to use the ostheer treads. Dosn´t work.
    The question is; have I used the false names, or are the files shared files which must be changed, too?

    See, I took the treads from Ostheer (Halftrack), renamed them for each other HT without any effect. And I can´t finde the used treads for Jagdpanzer IV, Panther and Hetzer. That is the problem. :)


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