Change Skin of Tiger Ace

4 years ago
ZSZ89ZSZ89 Posts: 1

I don´t like the skin of Tiger Ace. It would be nice if skin of Tiger Ace can be changed to normal equipped skin.


  • #2
    4 years ago
    georidergeorider Posts: 12

    I'm not sure if this is posible, it's the same as thunderbold skin and typhun skin, but i agree it will be nice to have a custom skin either for tiger and panther ace!

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    4 years ago
    MajdMajd Posts: 41


    At this point it's just a matter of what they let us reskin, so why not release all those unique units? While at it they could also release the skins of the buildings so that we can make textures for the buildings to go along with the tank camo.


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