[ALL/Sovet] Why KV-1 is less than the KV-8?

4 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

Dear Relic.
I had been playing Company of Heroes 2, and have long wanted to ask an interesting question! Why HF-8 more than the KV-1?

I looked through all the Russian sites, and there just was written:

KV-1 production (all versions)
On the basis of LB - "the year 1940-1941 was produced just 712 technology."
On the basis of CTZ (CHKZ) - "1941-1942 year was made just 3162 technology."
A production of the KV-8 at the Base CTZ (CHKZ) - all were 102 technology.

Производство КВ-1 (Всех Модификаций)
На базе ЛКЗ - "1940-1941 года было изготовлено всего 712 техники".
На базе ЧТЗ (ЧКЗ) - "1941-1942 года было изготовлено всего 3162 техники".
А производств КВ-8 на Базе ЧТЗ (ЧКЗ) - всего было 102 техники.

I certainly can give a Russian site where and when produced Soviet KV-1 / KV-8
The first site: https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/КВ-1

The second site: http://bronetechnikamira.ru/istorija-sozdanija/tank-kv-1-modifikatsii-chast-1

The third site: http://www.aviarmor.net/tww2/tanks/ussr/kv1.htm



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    4 years ago
    LazarusLazarus Posts: 4,096

    KV-8 costs more than KV-1 because the KV-8 is infinitely more powerful than the KV-1 in the game. Please read the stickied post that says not to use historical arguments as the basis of balance decisions.

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    4 years ago
    KithKith Posts: 144

    The KV-8 trades the strength of the KV-1's cannon (which was never that impressive in the first place) for a flamethrower, making it far more deadly to infantry. The KV-8 costs more because it is simply more effective - while it does lose out in its ability to fight vehicles, it obliterates infantry with ease. Also, it's easy to support - the SU-85 is a fantastic Tank Destroyer, and the KV-8/SU-85 combination is very difficult to overcome.

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    4 years ago
    hsk9146hsk9146 Posts: 153

    flamethrowers use more fuel?
    ^ this is actually realistic

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