Guard Motor Coordination Tactics - bug with Mark Vehicle?

4 years ago

Has anyone experienced the mark target ability triggering a plane vs. the target icon above the targeted tank? I played a game where triggering the Mark Vehicle ability only resulted in a plane that loitered around the battlefield. This happened a few times in a row during the match.


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    4 years ago
    Sri_vakaSri_vaka India Posts: 45

    Dude..that plane gives you LOS and marked target will increase the damage by 35% ... don't panic.. it was the ability is meant for, LOS and increased damage. It's not a bug!

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    4 years ago
    ChardChard Posts: 139

    Okay. Hadn't seen that before but I hadn't used that commander in a long, long while. Still wonder about the lack of a target icon. I've used it a lot since posting and figured it was functioning as intended.


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