Infantry section problem

3 years ago

I feel theres little reason you have to spend this much fuel and mp to make this units a 5 men squad. They fight badly outside green cover so you most always look for green cover in early game to stand a change, which result u often need to blob them with 2 or 3 squads to be able to gain some early ground. Especially against OKW with theyer kubel bleading them fast and volks outperforme them in almost every axpect in early. They also pretty expensive still to reinforce, and sence brits relay mostly on expensive units early on you often only wind up making 3 squads of them, which perform pretty lackluster when coming out as a 4 men squad in theyer current shape.

I wouldent really see any balance issues here making them a 5 men squad right from start. Maybe to a 290 Mp change, but at least you dont need to get so badly overwelmed right from start by using them.

Remember, they have no snares, piats?(lol), at gun is okay but hard counter scoutcar or lusch with just one.

What you think?


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    3 years ago
    NevecOneUpNevecOneUp Posts: 1,202

    Lol, they are already best mainline infantry in a game. (imho).

    5 man squads, double lmg, self healing. Only disadvantage is 300 mp and 50 fuel side tech for this but it worth it.

    Having no snare is fine since you have vet 1 sniper, you also have best at gun and piats are better than nothing.

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    3 years ago
    le12role12ro Posts: 2,332 mod

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