[USF] Armor Company change

4 years ago
captainjordycaptainjo… Posts: 498
edited August 2016 in Commander Feedback

One thing I love about Armor Company is the Assault Engineers. But I was thinking of ways to make them better.

These changes will keep the Assault Engineers strong but also help equip them better and help their scaling into late game as well as give Armor Company a nice boost.

  1. Allow Assault Engineers to upgrade Elite Vehicle Crews upgrade and increase CP to 2. Rename it Elite Engineers Upgrade and it gives 4 Thompsons, a 25% buff to their repair abilities, and +0.5 armor for 90 munitions
  2. Give Assault Engineers a 5th man at vet 3 then increase cost to 300 MP/30 MP (reinforce cost) and 9 pop to compensate
  3. Give Assault Engineers a minesweeper that they can stow away (Must choose one of the 3 upgrades, Flamethrower, Elite engineers, or minesweeper)
  4. Lastly reduce cost of 240mm barrage to 200 munitions because its cost is the same even after the amount of shells fired was reduced.


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