Defensive Tactics Revamp

4 years ago

This racks my mind. OKW has an ability in Fortifications Doctrine that gives Tank Traps, Flak Emplacements, and Trenches whereas Defensive Tactics gives one entire ability, leaving only 4 more abilities in the commander and that ability gives one thing, tank traps that cant even stop a Panther or Brummbar from crossing. 2 undoctirnal units that are unaffected by it. So here are my thoughts about the commander abilities cause frankly this commander's litterally got nothing else besides the mortar and the MG

2 CP - 120mm Mortar Team


2 CP - Engies build Tank Traps and those AT land mines from Tank Hunter Tactics

2 CP - Cons build Trenches, those little land mines, and sandbags

8 CP - 152mm howitzer

Post your ideas too because I was a little uncertain on the last ability, I'm up for changes ;) .


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    4 years ago
    moremegamoremega REDWOOD CITY CA USAPosts: 229

    Cons can already build sandbags in their meta game.

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    4 years ago

    They build those weird sandbags that die really fast, I was thinking the normal sandbags that you can chain in a line.

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    4 years ago
    YoghurtYoghurt Posts: 77

    I'd like Defensive tactics to include the ability for engineers to build the HMG emplacement bunkers with the DSHK inside that you have at the base. That could be included in the tank traps/mine ability, like the Fortifications Doctrine, in order to free up some slots. Soviets don't have any emplacements so a commander that could supply it would be nice.
    The commander could sure use a revamp but I'd be surprised if anything actually happens.

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    4 years ago

    I personally think Tank Traps should come with something else, seeing as OKW gets an emplacement, however useless it currently is.
    First thought it can be something like faster repair or even Critical Repair. This would be the only commander with this ability, so it hardly makes this open to combat engineers easily repairing everything in matches.
    Another idea is make it an improved combat package sort of ability, where the squad gains bonuses similar to UKF Heavy Engineers like better guns and repair speed, as well as unlocking Tank Traps.

    I'm not too keen on a fourth faction getting trenches alongside both Axis plus UKF. Maybe something more original, like a passive that improves combat bonuses to infantry when in cover (the closest equivalent is in UKF). One example can be re-using a cut ability called Defensive Stance from Riflemen when upgrading to LMGs. Or just add Hit the Dirt!, which I recall prevents suppression and a bit of better defensive bonuses. Another one can be AT Gun Ambush Tactics (cloaks AT Guns).

    Howitzer I don't mind, but it's a rather common commander unlock and I prefer something a bit more unique, like an off-map arty barrage or airstrike or even KV-2, that unit is locked behind one commander and can use a new combination of abilities to let it perform in more roles.

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    4 years ago
    Conscript sand bags are tall enough to actually intercept tank rounds so theres that...
    Also I think all it needs is like.. Roll the mines and traps together and add something like the kv-2 or for mother Russia to give it something past 2 cp call ins/engie spam.
    Or grant cons the ability to build dshk bunkers
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