Royal Hungarian Honvedseg Version 4

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So back at the start of this year, I created a project to make the Royal Hungarian Honvedseg into CoH2, and thus this is now my fourth iteration. My previous version can be found here:

Royal Hungarian Army/ Magyar HonvedsegThe Kingdom of Hungary was an Axis Belligerent. A Regional power on Germany's side, it produced it's own weapons and would suit a fast moving styled faction, with anti infantry emphasis. I have tried to give Hungary as little German support as possible, and it comes with just a single prototype unit, all the rest saw action and/or limited production at least.

A few notes on Hungary:
It is a mid-game faction, likely to be a contemporary moreso like a Soviet-US mix. With cheap infantry like the Soviets, but with the flexibility of the US. It also has a solid, fast paced tank selection designed for quick, flanking tactics. The Tas 44M should be the meat shield whilst the other tanks would flank. I should also note, that the Danuvia 39M/43M is very similar to a carbine, it's size and performance make it very VERY similar to what we would define as a modern Automatic Carbine, so it would be more all round rather than the typical submachine gun. I have designed Hungary with a few liberties. Of course, Relic made a post on 'Forgotten Factions' doing the same, so I see no reason for me to not exclude some vehicles that are crucial for Hungary to field.

How would Hungary build?
I am looking for a unique model, so their builders will make the mainstay of how to expand as the Royal Hungarian Army. The Honved Draft are the builders, and would start with one unit. To make Hungary unique, it needs to take points for it to be able to unlock the next tier, and the builder needs to build a special building on a capture point to unlock the next tier (Which is researched and a new building will construct next to the HQ, much like the British). However unlike the British, the first two are free. First tier is free Munitions, Second is free Fuel. Which means the Hungarians get an active boost to resource production very early in. This reflects on the Hungarian consistent attempts to bring Hungary into becoming an economical power. To also add to this, Hungary will keep being able to build from it's buildings even if it's resource boosters die out, however for each resource booster Hungary makes, it will improve production speed in it's correlating building and the standard base. Effectively meaning, Hungary benefits from improving it's munitions and fuel flow.

How does Hungary play out?
With it's unique building style of gaining a free Munitions and Fuel cache (Necessary for getting to the next tiers), Hungary would see a very quick paced nation relying on mobility and combined arms tactics. I could see potentially lethal tactics coming in the mix of Royal Hungarian Honvedseg, Gendarmerie, a Nimrod and Marder II to make all targets easy prey. Hungary relies on it's call ins and abilities to match up against it's enemies, granting it quick cool downs making them more able to fight it's enemies. Expect a nation that can both dig in and fight hard due to it's hard hitting weaponry, or one that will hit fast and advance quickly using it's weak but very quick tanks such as the Toldi and Turan. Not an easy opponent to fight at all, be prepared for hard, all out fights as Hungary defends the much crucial resource points, until it can develop itself enough.

Tier 1 - Royal Division Grounds

  • Honved Draft (165 Manpower, 25 Reinforce cost) - Similar to Russian Conscripts, they come with 6 Mannlicher 31M rifle armed men. They are also the engineers of the Hungarian forces. They can be upgraded to have 3 Danuvia 39M Submachine Guns (20 Munitions) and/or a Solothorn 31M Machine Gun (MG30 from Germany, 60 Munitions), and/or Mineclearing equipment replacing one of the Mannlicher 31M rifles (50 Munitions, not compatible with the Solothorn Upgrade). Munitions and Fuel points are built by these units. They can also receive an upgrade giving a very slow healing or repair over time.
    Veteran 1 - Increased Accuracy Whilst on the Move
    Veteran 2 - Increased Survivability, Auto heals units when not in combat (20 Second delay)
    Veteran 3 - Panzerfaust Ability (25 Munitions), Increased Accuracy

  • Royal Magyar Honvedseg (265 Manpower, 28 Reinforce cost) - 4 men equipped with 35M rifles (Faster firing Mannlicher 31M rifles) and a fifth with a Solothorn 31M Machine gun. Can be upgraded to receive 4 43M rifles (30 Munitions), which are same in stats to the Kar98K used by Germany, but slightly faster firing, or receive 4 Danuvia 43M Submachine Guns (Slightly more accurate 39Ms, 30 Munitions), and the capability to fire the Solothorn on the move
    Veteran 1 - No set up time on the Solothorn
    Veteran 2 - Increased Survivability, increased Accuracy
    Veteran 3 - Gains a Panzerfaust Ability (20 Munitions). Fires 2 Panzerfausts with the Danuvia upgrade (But costs 35 Munitions instead)

  • Csaba 39M Armoured Car (200 Manpower, 55 Fuel) - Armed with a 20mm gun, it is a cheap, anti-infantry armoured Car. Literally designed to take on infantry and only the lightest armour the enemy can offer. Can be upgraded with 'Recon Corps' (50 Munitions) which extends it's line of sight and allows it to find hidden units more easily.
    Veteran 1 - Can Decap Points, gains increased burst fire from the 20mm
    Veteran 2 - Self-Maintenance (10 Munitions, can fire but is stationary, does not repair critical damage)
    Veteran 3 - Increased Accelaration and Top Speed.

  • Standardisation (40 Munitions, 5 Fuel) - Improves all Draft infantry rifles to Mannlicher 35M Rifles and Danuvia 39M Submachine Guns to 41M Danuvias.

Tier 2 - Royal Battalion Barracks

  • Royal Gendarmerie (280 manpower, 30 reinforce cost) - Quite unique. These can be made to fight how you want. They are your sniper and anti tank team wrapped all into one. All 4 are equipped with 43M rifles. They can be upgraded (For free) to have either 2 Mannlicher M1895 Sniper Rifles (Yeah, Poor Brits), 2 Solothorn 36M Anti Tank Rifles or a Schwarzlose Machine Gun.
    Veteran 1 - Stealth capable, Hold fire Ability (Even on the MG, set up an interesting game with this one!)
    Veteran 2 - Increased Rate of Fire with all weapons
    Veteran 3 - Increased Survivability and Accuracy

  • 105 37M Howizter - Exact same as the Wehrmacht Howitzer, No difference between the two.

  • Toldi I (250 Manpower, 95 Fuel) - A 20mm Armed tank, with an added Machine gun, this is here to replace the Csaba late game. It can go at the same speed and also has armour with it too.
    Veteran 1 - Increased accuracy and Burst Length, Gains the 'Flanking Speed' Ability (40 Munitions)
    Veteran 2 - Gains Sideskirts, improving it's armour
    Veteran 3 - Gains improved penetration and damage against enemy tanks

  • Nimrod (280 Manpower, 110 Fuel) - A 40mm Armed Anti-Aircraft/Medium Tank Destroyer, it is an Autocannon, making it lethal to tanks, infantry and airplanes
    Veteran 1 - PanzerGranate Ability (40 Munitions) fires a powerful anti tank grenade into an enemy tank. This deals triple penetration value, stuns the enemy tank and also deals damage just slightly below a hit from a Comet.
    Veteran 2 - Increased Burst length and Accuracy.
    Veteran 3 - Increased Penetration Value, Improved Reload Speed and Damage

  • Turan I (300 Manpower, 130 Fuel) - A 40mm Armed Medium tank, this fires projectiles at a much higher projectile speed than the Nimrod, making it very capable of fighting heavier tanks. It still has 2 Machine guns, so it has some uses against Infantry still.
    Veteran 1 - PanzerGranate Ability (40 Munitions)
    Veteran 2 - Gains SideSkirts
    Veteran 3 - Increased Damage against tanks, faster reload speed

  • 7.5mm Skoda Model 15 (320 Manpower, 50 Munitions) - A medium Howitzer in use by Hungary. Long ranged and able to fire with some speed and firepower.
    Veteran 1 - Gains 'Direct Fire ability' giving it a range decrease but causes it to be considerably more accurate
    Veteran 2 - Gains a Gun Shield protecting the crew
    Veteran 3 - Increases Penetration on Vehicles

Tier 3 - Royal Army Headquarters

  • 7.5cm PaK 40 - Best anti-tank the Hungarians have access too, exact same as the Ostheer version. This is a conventional alternative to the 44M Buzogányvető which is less accurate, but far more powerful.

  • Hetzer (380 Manpower, 140 Fuel) - A mobile anti-tank platform widely used by the Hungarians. Would be an option for mid-late game use against the enemies of Hungary.
    Veteran 1 - PanzerGranate Ability (40 Munitions)
    Veteran 2 - Improved Accelaration and top speed
    Veteran 3 - Improved Accuracy and Rate of Fire

  • Zrinyi II (320 Manpower, 150 Fuel) - A Hungarian Assault Gun also doubling as a tank destroyer. Armed with a 105mm cannon, it is the base breaker of the Hungarian Armed forces, however, being based on the Turan chassis, it isn't exactly slow, meaning it can hit an enemy base and get out before they have a chance to react.
    Veteran 1 - Increased Reverse Speed and Turning Speed
    Veteran 2 - Camo Net, Allowing it to camoflage whilst stationary (And not in road). Easy to Detect however
    Veteran 3 - Improved Gun Mechanics, the round fires faster and has increased penetration on tank.

  • Outdated Weaponry (200 Manpower, 30 Munitions, 80 Fuel) - A late game upgrade for a couple of tanks to improve their firepower. Gives the Turan I an upgrade to the Turan II, giving it the Short 75mm gun it used late war, giving it better anti-tank use. This also gives the Toldi I an upgrade to the Toldi IIa giving it the 40mm gun used on the Turan I, meaning it is more all-rounded)

  • Mobility or Firepower? (300 Munitions) - A doctrinal upgrade, one or the other, permanently upgrading all troops to either be more accurate on the move or fire faster while standing. The effect is slight and would make little difference. The aim being, it has more effect due to the amount of units it upgrades, than the sheer level of upgrades received.

  • Emergency Drafts (750 Munitions, 100 Fuel) - A late game upgrade allowing Hungary to gain access to an increased Manpower trickle. Hungary will gain +50 to it's standard Manpower gain rate.

  • Imported Weaponry and Factory Techniques (460 Munitions, 10 Fuel) - Improves all Royal Gendarmerie Equipment. Mannlicher M1895 Sniper Rifles are changed to Mannlicher 35M Sniper Rifles.Solothorn 36M Anti Tank Rifles are exchanged for a 44M Buzogányvető (Which gets two shots!), The Schwarzlose Machine Gun is swapped for an MG131 (Quicker Set up time than all other Machine Guns, but not as accurate or as high a fire rate, team walks faster and gains an extra machine gun)

  • Urgent Anti Tank Requirement (300 Munitions, 50 Fuel) - Improves all Toldi tanks to have a 44M Buzogányvető attachment, firing two highly lethal anti tank rockets. Also grants access to the very cheap 38M Botond truck, which has a 44M Buzogányvető attached. (Each use requires 90 Munitions)

  • 38M Botond B (100 Manpower, 50 Fuel) - A cheap, rather crude and ineffective truck. Designed historically for transport, we are using the version for anti tank use and no more. A mere machine gun would unfortunately rip the vehicle apart. Unlike the Toldi, this actually can fire for free, but has no defensive armament otherwise. It can also transport troops.


​Arrow Cross: Infantry Ability focused

  • Arrow Cross Militia (Passive, 0CP) - Grants access to Arrow Cross Militia in place of Draft Infantry. Increased Accuracy and Durability. They are also immune to pinning (But this makes them more vulnerable to MG fire)
  • Rush (50 Manpower, 2CP) - All Infantry Move Faster, Fire Faster and Fire More accurately (45 Seconds)
  • Secured Supply Lines (Passive, 3CP) - Enemies now take an extra 30% of the time needed to uncapture a Hungarian base
  • Artillery Strike (100 Munitions) - Hits a targeted Area with an Artillery Barrage
  • Propoganda (80 Munitions, 5CP) - Propoganda is blasted into a target sector, causing all enemy units to retreat out of the sector (They retreat two sectors away or to their nearest headquarters, whichever is closest)
    To the last man (100Manpower, 9CP) - Makes all infantry immune to all small arms damage for 2 seconds.

Royal Armoured Division: Tank Upgrades, Passive Ability Focused

  • Flanking Speed (50 Munitions, 0CP) - Improved Accelaration and Movement speed of all tanks on the map (For 45 Seconds)
  • Crippling tactics (60 Munitions, 3CP) - Anti tank weapons fire a shot towards the turret of enemy tanks whilst this ability is active. They will deal less damage but have a 20% chance of preventing the turret from turning for 5 Seconds. (For 20 Seconds)
  • Pinning (Passive, 4CP) - Gives the Nimrod an ability (30 Munitions) that allows it to pin infantry
  • Tank Improvements (Passive, 6CP) - Upgrades the Turan I/II to the Turan III, giving it a Long 75mm gun better against Tanks, Toldi I/IIa to Toldi III with improved armour and better main gun
  • Tas 44M (450 Manpower, 190 Fuel, 10CP) - Calls in the Tas 44M Heavy Tank. Similar to a Panther, but slower with a better gun.

German Support: Extra Tank Flexibility, late game options

  • German Force (100 Munitions, 0CP) - Forces all Hungarian Infantry units to fight harder. They all fire nearly twice as fast (Lasts 10 Seconds)
  • Panzer IV H (250 Manpower, 130 Fuel, 7CP) - Grants a Panzer IV H to the field
  • German Munitons (Passive, 7CP) - Improves all damage of tanks on the battlefield
  • Fallschrimjager (350 Manpower, 8CP) - Grants a Parachuter regiment to the field
  • Tiger I (550 Manpower, 250 Fuel, 10CP) - Grants a Tiger I tank for use, only one at a time

Italian Support: Recon and Air Support, Early game Light Vehicle Suppliment

  • Ansaldo CV33 (200 Manpower, 30 Fuel, 0CP) - Grants an Ansaldo CV33 tankette to the field, very weak, very fast but has a very high view range, can also transport Royal Hungarian Guards.
  • Recon (50 Munitions, 2CP) - Grants recon over the centre of the map
  • Flyover (80 Munitions, 3CP) - A plane flies over the field, firing at enemies as it spots them
  • Preparatory Bombing (100 Munitions, 6CP) - A Bomber flies over, and bombs in a wide radius, stunning all enemies in the radius as the bombs land, with the chance of killing them
  • Smoke Bombs (50 Munitions, 7CP) - Drops smoke bombs in an area, making any allies in the area harder to hit

Royal Huszars: Elite Infantry Call ins, Tank and Infantry boosters

  • Flanking Speed (50 Munitions, 0CP) - Adds temporary speed boosts to all tanks
  • Mobilised Infantry (80 Munitions, 2CP) - Improves Speed of all infantry and capture speed, but only to those near armoured units. (60 Seconds)
  • Panzer Tactics (60 Munitions, 4CP) - Tank Crews fire more accurately at weak spots, increases all tank units penetration (30 Seconds)
  • Binoculars (10 Manpower, 5CP) - Grants vision on a sector of your choice that you own, or border. (5 Seconds)
  • Huszar unit (300 Manpower, 7CP) - Elite infantry call in. 5 Men armed with 43M Rifles. Can be upgraded to have 2 PanzerSchrecks (70 Munitions) or 2 MG131s (60 Munitions). Arrive by horse but fight the rest on foot. They will instantly suppress any nearby units to their spawn location, best infantry available to the Hungarians.

Royal Hungarian Artillery Corps: Sheer Artillery firepower

  • Recon Tactics (Passive, 0CP) - All infantry units gain increased sight range.
  • Anti Building Mortars (80 Munitions, 2CP) - Fires Mortars in a wide area, damaging especially those in buildings
  • Precision Strike (50 Munitions, 5CP) - An accurate single shot from a 305mm Howitzer. Devastatingly powerful.
  • Armour Piercing Rounds (60 Munitions, 6CP) - Improves the 105mm Howitzer to temporarily have doubled penetration against tanks (for 60 Seconds)
  • Obliteration (150 Manpower, 150 Munitions, 11CP) - Several hits from 305mm Howitzers designed to clear a whole sector (On any sector)

Hungarian Air Force: Spotting and Anti-Defences work

  • Ansaldo CV33 (200 Manpower, 30 Fuel, 0CP) - Grants an Ansaldo CV33 tankette to the field, very weak, very fast but has a very high view range, can also transport Royal Hungarian Guards.
  • Spotter Plane (50 Munitions, 1CP) - A spotter plane flies around the map randomly for 30 seconds. Is hard to hit with AA
  • Bunker Busting Bombs (100 Munitions, 4 CP) - A plane hits a small area with a small number of bombs. Deals high damage to buildings
  • High Explosive Drop (120 Munitions, 5CP) - A plane drops high explosives around a target, dealing damage to infantry in our out of buildings
  • Strafing run and Bombing run (200 Munitions 9CP) - A plane flies over and guns through infantry, damaging and suppressing them followed quickly by another dropping bombs

Consolidated Defence: Defence Doctrine

  • Ability to build defensive equipment and Nimrods can 'dig in' (0CP Passive) - Drafts can now build sandbags, MG nests and Nimrods can dig in, improving their gun control and giving them additional armour.
  • Spotter Plane (50 Munitions, 1CP) - A spotter plane flies around the map randomly for 30 seconds. Is hard to hit with AA
  • Home Guard (2CP, 100 Munitions) - Civilians are drafted and given sniper rifles to defend the homeland. Any enemies near to buildings in Hungarian control have a chance of being shot by a sniper.
  • Consolidated Tactics (5CP, 150 Manpower) - For 30 Seconds no points under Hungarian control can be captured, however Hungary will have halved resource flow in each territory enemies try to capture.
  • Obliteration (150 Manpower, 150 Munitions, 11CP) - Several hits from 305mm Howitzers designed to clear a whole sector (On any sector)


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