[OWK][ALL]Why cant OKW bunkers reinforce or heal?!

4 years ago
moremegamoremega REDWOOD CITY CA USAPosts: 229
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I am not sure why fortifications doctrine doesn't allow bunkers to upgrade to command post and medics; this is essential so the pack 43 and lefh 18 have more survivability. I feel its to limiting to always park emplacements next to medic HQ, so why not make OWK bunkers the same as Wehrmacht bunkers?


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    4 years ago

    No point with command upgrade since T2 provides that. I do think however that the emplacements should have passive healing as one of their veterancy unlocks to help make up for lack of nearby reinforcement/ healing besides simcity-ing near T2 truck- that would be worse than UKF's simcity, which at least has large health, Brace and un-removable crews.

    I think another way to do this is that part of the abilities also allow Volks to Merge, so you at least be able to use a 5-man squad to replenish a depleted emplacement crew. I'm personally not a fan of having too much crossover between what are supposed to be distinct faction designs.

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    4 years ago
    Passive healing would be aight, especially since iirc the emplacment vet is the same as ost, just stretched across 5 levels of vet
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