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4 years ago
NapoqeNapoqe Posts: 60
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Hello everyone.

I am here to open discussion for this commander. And leave suggestions of changes, I think needs changes this commander. Even some I think buy because of Assault Grenadiers and the Tiger, etc.
I liked playing with Assault Grenadiers, until a moment ago, but I think I realized that they are weak.

1 CP

Assault Grenadiers

Assault Grenadiers when have one of veteran. Unlocks a skill that can remove temporarily sight (disabling main gun) of the vehicle. However this requires is close, and at least have 3 people alive in the squad.

The less people have in the squad, the cost of the skill will cost less.

Same CP

Mechanized Assault Group
Deploys a Panzer Grenadier squad in a 250 halftrack to the battlefield.

Replace Light Artillery Barrage by Smoke Bombs.

Replace StuG III Ausf. And Assault Gun by a version of Panzer 3.

No change in Tiger.


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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    The pgren-squad in the halftrack is already in that doc, so that's kinda redundant really.
    And so is the stug.
    Only real difference is switching ass-grens for the Luch's which wouldnt make much sense either. First off, there's already too many crossover units between docs in opposing factions. Like the ostwind and the PaK43.
    Second, there's no need for the luch's. Just for the ass-grens not to suck ass anymore.
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    4 years ago
    NapoqeNapoqe Posts: 60
    edited September 2016

    Mechanized Assault Group 0 cp, so you can send early Panzer Grenadier squad in 250 halftrack. And so, with a force I think powerful. Immunities the suppression within the halftrack, close combat and medium distance good. And I think can avail more halftrack with other units, as Pioneers with flamethrowers, etc.

    About Luchs, I suggested why. The description of express commander always give pressure to the enemies, etc. And I think Luchs is good light tank to maintain pressure after the enemy have combatants that could solve problem against Panzer Grenadier in halftrack (grenades anti-tank, flamethrower, etc). Luchs not need be close of the enemy for deal good damage.

    About crossover, if have some vehicle that leaves little more powerful in periods T2 ... If want suggest, depending replace Luchs.

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    4 years ago

    There isn't much of a point making it 0CP if it still costs 30 fuel. It also makes this commander even more tech-skip prone.
    Assault Grenadiers are indeed very situational, they may not synergize will with other commander abilities, but they still synergize well (enough) with the rest of the army. They're basically instant 5-man squad to go out and grab points while you get regular Grenadiers and Pioniers doing their regular work. Despite the name and implied orientation of the unit, their best use is to do things you might otherwise need other infantry to do, like manning weapons or flanking.

    Being hardcountered by armour is nothing special about them, and you can make the same argument about any infantry that can't deal with armour- situational sure, but unlike those other units, they come at 0CP and only cost a bit more than regular Grenadiers...without the need to have first built T1 and the time to train a smaller squad. In fighting most skirmishes they will suck, but they are hardly meant to replace any of your units in terms of combat roles. Instead try to use them like Osttruppen- manning stuff or keeping an area occupied with friendly units or capturing things. I mean you'll need some sort of infantry squad to cap a point all through a match, and a 5-man squad with sprint fills that role nicely.
    In any event, this commander still has at 3CP a call-in that spawns not only Panzergrenadiers (AT infantry) but also a battle taxi to go with it. You'll hardly be fighting tanks by the time you got the fuel and CP for that, so the shortcomings of Assault Grenadiers is already made up for this unit, and in time too. Making them 0CP, despite fuel cost, also means that you can quickly bring in anti-tank infantry (and close combat infantry) potentially much sooner than the enemy ever can- the halftrack provides fast transportation in and out, and any unit, including guys with panzerschrecks, will make short work of a M3 or M20 or UC the opponent might bring up. So there's the risk of being overpowered.

    Of course that means Luchs is neither necessary nor a good addition to the commander.

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    4 years ago
    pablonanopablonano YesterdayPosts: 2,549
    Ass grens are the reason i got to 200 on 4 vs 4, but hell, you bleed IQ to make them effective
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    4 years ago
    NapoqeNapoqe Posts: 60
    edited September 2016

    I think that of for resolve on the Panzerschreck. Put requirement T1 researched to can give upgrade.

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    4 years ago

    It seems what you want is to basically make Assault Grenadiers behave like Panzergrenadiers: powerful close combat infantry with panzerschreck Since the former doesn't have it, your idea is to replace it with Panzergrenadiers who can. Problem of course is that besides Panzergrenadiers being what they are, any overlap of one unit would easily make the other redundant.

    And if there's one way to improve this commander, it's to NOT make it even more tech-skip prone by being able to rely entirely on doctrinal units. With Assault Grenadiers being what they are now, they fulfill that goal.

    The idea of making panzerschreck upgrade require T1 (you mean T2 when you can train them?) sounds nice, but why replace Assault Grenadiers with Luchs? The commander isn't underperforming just because AssGrends aren't great against vehicles, literally every other call-in unit can handle vehicles.

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    4 years ago
    NapoqeNapoqe Posts: 60
    edited September 2016

    Problems opportunities to outflank close, hold territory, and I think there's more. Close are good units, just as I said above opportunities, and maps (I think I know it has maps that some commanders are bad and good on others) with front conflicts...

    But the Panzergrenadiers not need to be so close to cause great damage to the enemy, even when the tactic is to get close. So dependent killing fast units good long range, teams, etc in medium distance.

    Assault Grenadiers squads may have lost many units when if approach of good units long distance (that carry machine guns, BARs, etc ...), so I can not win with few units against this units. I think even in a medium distance.

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    4 years ago

    Your English is not good, can you post in your original language to see if someone else can do a better translation?

    If you need Panzergrenadiers instead of Assault Grenadiers, wouldn't you just not call in Assault Grenadiers to do combat work? Most players do that already. Assault Grenadiers are basically a 0CP stopgap with large squad size, sprint and grenades. This unit is more like one to hold the line, take territory re-man guns and build bunkers. By the time the opponent brings vehicles, you've already teched to T2 or unlocked Panzergrenadiers, or even StuG E. It's when you start using Assault Grens to replace other units that they're a problem...which seems to be an intended design choice.

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    4 years ago
    Wiggle in a panzer 3 (maybe axe pgren thing?) and give ass grens vet that benifits from being in enemy territory.
    Give the p3 a vet 1 that lets it buff units in enemy territory (heroic charge like but.... Balanced?) p3 would have similar stats to the Stuart.

    Now you have a commander focused on high agression and taking the fight to the enemy- an option the ost dearly lack
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    4 years ago
    GrittleGrittle Posts: 993

    Really, all AssGrens need is 1 MP40 to be replace with an STG44 for alittle more firepower.

    If you want alittle more creativity, add an upgrade that makes them repair vehicles like Cons.

    Other than that, they are fine.

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    4 years ago
    pablonanopablonano YesterdayPosts: 2,549
    You guys always want to solve everything with shrecks or tanks, which shows your lack on imagination and flexibility on your tactics
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    4 years ago

    My English is not good. But how can I try to improve it. And I try depend to help the game, etc. About use my native language, I think I will not say, but I think I even mistook their posts. And I will try to answer best ... I did not want that Assault Grenadiers turns Panzergrenadiers, but substituted. Because I think he can do this function, and more useful, and others, and takes advantage of better later I think...

    About Recraw, I leave this function to the Pioneers and Osttruppens (depend). And try to adjust for get efficient the Assault Grenadiers, in the functions of their name that he says. I think with Smoke Bombs, and new skill that I suggested they go be less situational.

    Updated topic suggestions.

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