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4 years ago

Hi All,

I wanted to ask for some tips for playing these two Ostruppen Doctrines, and specifically how to use the Ostruppen unit to good effect.

Strategy and build orders would be appreciated.




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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    Hey again, mate. :)

    OT is like chess; easy to learn, difficult to master.

    I rarely use OT, but when I do it's mostly as the ability "relief infantry" to plug holes in my lines after I've suffered a few wipes during an attack. It takes practice to use correctly, but it help you replenish your losses during a costly attack that didn't go your way.

    When it comes to the OT doctrine, I'll let someone else chime in since I never use it myself. :)

    Use the "relief infantry" ability right before you make a big attack or a stalwart defence. This will help you replenish your force and maybe give you the edge in holding ground, if you both came out equally.
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    4 years ago

    OK cheers Baal i will try that.

    Just had a game using the pure Ostruppen doctrine and actually managed to wipe 2 squads of riflemen and a unit of assault engineers cos i put my ost in bunkers. Is this a rare occurence? I also had a mg42 covering. This allowed me to dominate and hold a vp until mid game where i got some armour out.

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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    edited September 2016
    No, not at all. :)
    OT sucks ass out of cover, so always use them in cover.
    Like seriously, out of cover they really can't do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g..!
    In cover they are okay'ish, but again, they are dirt-cheap which is their strength.
    Plus they have faust, which is always useful. ;)

    As I said, I never use the OT doc myself, but I know that a viable buildorder is;

    Mg42-OT-OT-Mg42-mortar. This is a fairly cheap and decently effective strat which banks on you being defensive and holding territory with your mg's.

    Just remember, if you're using this strat, the point is to move your mg's with an OT to prevent it from being flanked. Then take the point and dig in. Use the mortar to cover the point you most desire. Maybe place a bunker with an mg-upgrade to further strengthen your grasp on the point. As well place a few mines.
    Then rush out either pgrens and PaK40's to dig in even deeper while going straight for T4 or skip T2 altogether and rush out as many PIV's/Stug's as you can. Complement with more OT/mg's/pgrens to overwhelm your opponent. :)
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    4 years ago
    I focused my fire from all my ost squads on 1 unit at a time for maximum effect.

    I like dual mortars the ROF is insane. Yeah i have found couple ost squads 2 hmgs followed by 2 pgrens into 2 stugs is a gr8 starting- mid game build. Then i go heavy armour and get pantha, brumbar and a panzerwerfer.

    Havnt lost a game yet so far. :D
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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    edited September 2016
    It does sound like a solid build idd. :)

    And you can also upgrade one of your pgrens with shreks if things get too dicy before your stugs rolls out. ;)
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    4 years ago

    Always do! :D

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    4 years ago
    @Grittle is a big fan of ostroppen doctrine maybe he can give you a few tips.
    My advice (dont use it often) is a creepibg defensive line with mgs and mortars. The arty officer is really under rated imo, being able to call smoke and arty... Im not terribly experienced in it and usually play team modes so take that as you will.
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    4 years ago
    GrittleGrittle Posts: 993

    @thedarkarmadillo said:
    @Grittle is a big fan of ostroppen doctrine maybe he can give you a few tips.
    My advice (dont use it often) is a creepibg defensive line with mgs and mortars. The arty officer is really under rated imo, being able to call smoke and arty... Im not terribly experienced in it and usually play team modes so take that as you will.

    You are right, but I haven't played that much in awhile so my tactics may/may not be outdated. but Prosttruppen still best

    But overall, I am going to answer these main questions (as I have answered most them before and still stand by them):

    1)What makes them so effective?
    2)How do I use individual ostruppen squads to their fullest potential?
    3)Which infantry units can ostruppen typically win against if the ostruppen squad was in normal cover while unit X was charging them.
    4)I've heard that ostruppen are a good counter to USF in general. Is that true and if so, why?
    5) If a Russian player is spamming mgs, are ostruppen squads a reasonable response or is something else preferable?
    6)When weapon teams are re-crewed by ostruppen, why do they seem to die much faster than weapon teams re-crewed by grenadiers?
    7)What are the current build orders that involve either the ostruppen doctrine or mobile defense doctrine?
    8)Can I to use a build order that does not involve t1?
    9)Late game, is it better to build ostruppen or grenadier squads? How come?
    10) Is Relief Infantry decent?

    1) What makes them useful is their durability and low cost, it's the Ostheer version of conscripts. Having 2 extra men and huge incentives for using cover makes them last far longer in certain situations then Grens. the extremely cheap and fast reinforcement also helps.

    2) Always put Prosttruppen in cover, they become offensively viable when put in cover as they receive a huge accuracy bonus when in cover. So usually Prosttruppen are best used in urban maps, in a defensive position, or with a field officer and ample cover for extra boosted accuracy

    3) Prosttruppen can beat only beat Cons, Rear Echleons, normal REs, and combat engies in the situation you describe. But what makes them able to fight Reefermen and other units like that (Except Shocks, Rangers, and Commandos) is their cheaper pop cap and cost, usually pitting the Reefermen against 2+ Prosttruppen squads at once.

    4) Depends on the skill level, USF, especially with Rifle Company and/or Calliope Company, basically denies Prosttruppen from using most buildings due to Rcokets, WP and Flamers. but Numerous Prostruppen and their legendary Fauststorms Can easily deter most USF vehicles, even the Easy 8 and Pershing. But I don't know why anyone would make that accusation. Fire and Rcokets Counters Prosttruppen effectively.

    5) You can use Prosttruppen as Cheap and Durable Cannon fodder to distract the MG, then flank it with Pgrens, grens, or even more Prosttruppen.

    6) Because the Durability of Prosttruppen is in their numbers: 6 men squads die slower to explosives than 4 man squads. individually, Grens are more durable, but as a squad, Prosttruppen are the tanks.

    7) Mobile Defense Prosttruppen, or Westtruppen if your that kind of guy, are best used when you need infantry fast. (I.E taking lots of infantry casualties or Late Game when Infantry die easily) But there are alot of builds for Prosttruppen, in matter of fact the change to put MG42s in the HQ made Osttruppen a more viable choice.

    8)Prosttruppen>Prosttrupen>MG42>Pioneer/Prosttruppen/MG42 is what I used to use in 1v1. But there are better ones, But you have to remember: Prosttruppen don't get Panzerfausts unless you build T1, which is stupid in my opinion but I understand why.

    9) It can go either way: If you and your opponet is at 50 or less VP each or you need to replace losses for defending key points, spam the Prosttruppen and make a mad dash towards VP points with them, if you want the kill the enemy infantry late game. Grenadiers do it faster and Prosttruppen.

    10) Relief Infantry is something I have gain some interest in over time. and I have recently Grittle-Approved it. if your floating munitions, you can slowly hoard up Prosttruppen by losing Prosttruppen that can easier roll through an unsuspecting enemy, its hard to explain but this recent replay shows what I'm talking about (if you have about 48 minutes to kill): https://youtube.com/watch?v=c4g4RPOQJdQ

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    4 years ago

    So I know its late but... just wanted to say...

    @Grittle Thanks man! really appreciate your breakdowns of the tactics needed to win, and of the limitations of Ostruppen.

    Ive got a 70 percent win rate as the pure Ostruppen doctrine so far so all the suggestions must be working.

    I understand the commander is situational but.. so I think are all commanders to an extent.

    @thedarkarmadillo Thanks for your suggestions I will also put these to good use! and Thanks for Getting Grittle involved for his run down.

    :D Thanks peeps! I have improved my game from these suggestions!

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    4 years ago
    Glad we helped! I hope for your continued success!
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    4 years ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132

    Build: MG42 - OT - OT - OT - Mortar - OT - Officer.

    After that you can add a second MG, or go T2 and bring a Hanomag for reinforcement on the front (if you haven't built a reinforcement bunker by then).

    By pushing out lots of Osttruppen at the start you can gain map control very early ingame and then when you dig in, the opponent will:

    • lack resource income
    • focus on one of the flanks to break through: bring your Hanomag there

    While you can:

    • upgrade to T2 and T3 fairly easily and comfortable
    • recrew your MG, mortar and Pak guns fast and cheap with more OT
    • eventually leave one flank defended by one OT in a trench and one MG bunker

    Make sure you kill a lot, it's not that bad if OT squads are down to one man, just make them not die entirely. You will win on manpower.

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