3 years ago

So, now that relic will give up on coh2 soon, i feel like it is the time for them to release mod tools so we can rework 3d models and add our won stuff. As development is dead for this game, there is nothing holding them back other not giving a shit about the community that still plays this. I dont see any down side for this, as we have seen with vCoh that has it.



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    3 years ago

    own* not won

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    3 years ago
    RobotnikRobotnik Posts: 242

    This SOOO much. I've been a fan of Relic since CoH-1, but if they don't add support for custom models in CoH-2 like the did with CoH-1 I am NEVER GOING TO BUY A GAME FROM RELIC AGAIN. NOT EVEN DOW-III

    If the game is at the end of its life cycle with no more plans for DLC, they should just re-add the ability for mods to include custom models in them so new units and even full-conversion mods can be added. If not, then I no longer wish to support Relic since it means they are just gonna continue down this path from now on

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    3 years ago
    PinchyPinchy Posts: 41
    edited October 2016


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