What is your worst loss ever?

3 years ago

Stupid strategies that have cost you games, or that you had a difficult time countering. What is your worst loss where you had it...then lost it miserably.

2v2 on Road to Kharkov, winning as OKW against two Soviets quite largely. 335:34. Game drags into almost a stalemate, endless SU-76 blob, didn't have Jagdtiger. Other Soviet had T-70/KV-2 turbo cannon parked. Me and teammate had strong enough off-maps nor indirect fire to bleed them 34 points. Ended up losing 0:34. Enemy KV-2 had like almost 100 kills.


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    3 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    edited September 2016
    0/1 points in a 1v1 on Semoisky Summer. I was OH against Soviet. Had the game to 375/1, I shit you not!
    Then the whole thing came to a clash for the contested middle point with me holding the southern and him the northern. I took a bad beat and was simply unable to regain momentum.
    Match ended with him going;
    "Ahahahahaha, rofl, fail you!!! I'm soooooo happy, ahahahahaha!!"

    Worst.day.ever! Didn't play for a couple of weeks after that... :s
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    3 years ago
    pablonanopablonano YesterdayPosts: 2,549
    Tried to blob once, but the guy in front of me politely reminded me that in my lvl such thing its pointless
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    3 years ago

    Any game where a teammate adamantly insists his army should stay at base until he's got 98/100 popcap used, while enemy is kicking our asses and gaining ground since it's 2v1 or 4v3.

    Then when that teammate finally gets into play, he squanders his army by charging them straight at the enemy, rather than say a flank to cut them off.

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    3 years ago
    SquishyMuffinSquishyMu… Posts: 434
    edited September 2016

    Recently losing a 4v4 while winning it for 3/4's of the time. The enemy consisted of 4 prestige lvl100's while I was the only one of such play time on our team. For whatever reason we lost a player and then we steadily lose. Not a tactical error, but it hurts after the 50 minute mark.

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    3 years ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,951

    2x USF Tac Support on Rails and Metal vs mixed Axis, me as ProKW. My buddy was doing alright early, I was doing really well with early flanks and a couple wipes on the Yanks. My med truck was behind that building mid, everything was going smoothly outside a few BS magic mortar wipes and raks shooting the ground rather then the Stuart.

    Then the Americans struck 3CP and prayed to their great God, Adam Smith, and their prayers were heard. Adam Smith descended from the heavens carrying the greatest gift munitions could buy, the 1919. In a display of generosity that would make even Oprah look miserly, he gave this mighty capitalist tool to any who promised to spread the Free Market to the fascist pigs.

    The Axis mounted a valiant defense and managed to hold back the waves of Yankees, but they were merely delaying the inevitable. MGs were cut down like wheat and even the mighty STG Obers weren't enough to curtail the Americans. Their P4s would get forced off by Jacksons and eventually, the Calliope arrived, wiping the vetted Axis troops one by one and smashing what few team weapons remained. The Axis 400 point lead was eventually lost and they were defeated.

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    3 years ago


    Yeah the LMG 1919 is absurdly good. Really amplifies how the USF CORE infantry become walking T-800 Terminator units against all Axis infantry. Meanwhile my STG Obersoldaten are struggling to even inflict casualties on the Vet 3 Riflemen. And all they have to do is wait till 3 CP to get it.

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    3 years ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 932 mod

    Losing a hour long game because I miss clicked my vet 5 Ober's to accidentally take an abandoned piece of crap on the victory point, which I could no longer prevent the vet zero 1 man engineer squad from turning, and ending the game 2-0.

    That started some therapy.

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    3 years ago
    VutherVuther Posts: 2,129

    This thread's over, I WIN.

    My opponent was AFK for at least 10 minutes right from the start. They didn't even realize they were in matchmaking, they said. I capped everything and had tanks when they returned.

    Yes, I still lost.

    I was pretty exhausted that day, but I still doubt that was an appropriate excuse.

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    3 years ago
    LazarusLazarus Posts: 4,093
    vs a Brit on Langres. He used his single I.Section to cap and skirmish and built NOTHING until he teched. Then it was 3 snipers straight out. 222s, PGrens in a HT, counter snipers... was all worthless against the cheese. Got him back in the end though during a rematch as OKW. Luchs loved those tasty little snipers
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    3 years ago

    @Vuther said:
    This thread's over, I WIN.

    My opponent was AFK for at least 10 minutes right from the start. They didn't even realize they were in matchmaking, they said. I capped everything and had tanks when they returned.

    Yes, I still lost.

    I was pretty exhausted that day, but I still doubt that was an appropriate excuse.

    That's actually kind of sad in a pathetic way. :(

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    3 years ago
    PinchyPinchy Posts: 41

    Having the Defeated message appear due to a server problem 2 hours into a big comeback game.

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    3 years ago
    2v2 game -

    We were OKW and OstHeer

    They were both Soviets

    - we had a great start and had almost 3/4 of the map capped through most of the game, and were winning in victory points.

    However, they used many machine guns to guard their frontline and called in x2 120mm mortars to bombard my medic building and flak building constantly.

    Eventually they got two SU85's to check my Panther and my teammates Panzer IV's as well.

    And when I finally got my Tiger II to obliterate their frontlines, it got spammed by AT guns and the SU85's the moment it was spotted. Almost every shell penetrated it's armor, and while I was reversing to cover (to get the hell out of there), it got stuck on my teammates StuG that apparently just fell into the fetile position and wouldn't move; so I lost my Tiger II; and eventually we lost my flak building and medic building to their 120mm's (so no more forward operating base).

    Even with his leFH constantly firing off shells at the enemy, my constant infantry charges around the flanks, they just over ran us with all the machine guns and Katyushas and mortars.

    Basically we had the game won, then slowly, we lost it.
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    3 years ago
    NhikaNhika Posts: 16

    lost to double okw sim truck play . . .lol

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    3 years ago

    1v1 on La Gleise.

    Me as OKW, him as Americunts.

    I play like a boss, use my doctrine splendidly (Breakthrough). I even use the Officer, wipe units with that "Focus target" ability (or w/e it's called), neutralize cut-off points, all the "look at me, i'm so pro at this" stuff.

    All good and great until I build up a lot of fuel and it hits me: "Hmmm, I'll get a jagdtiger".

    In hindsight that's the dumbest thing I could've done. The guy didn't even have tanks.

    But wait, folks, it gets even dumber: "HMMMM, he's gonna swarm my jagdtiger with jacksons, better get 3 raks as well, and only leave my Jagdtiger in a reserve position...yeah, that will do it!".

    Few minutes later i run out of VPs because i lost the infantry fight to double BAR Rifflemen.

    My Jagdtiger really showed his one Jackson, though.... hah... Garden me....

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    3 years ago


    Yeah, alot of USF just go straight for Jacksons and ignore Shermans. Jagdtigers are really only effective against Brits and Soviets due to their tank hordes. It should be used as a back pocket unit depending on the situation but P4's would have been the best investment.

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    3 years ago
    ElSlayerElSlayer Posts: 230

    Lost 2 IS-2 to Wurfrahmen, both went down under ice after 20-30 secs after call-in.
    But funny thing is I watched replay and OKW player didn't had line of sight on them. He was trying to catch my snipers with barrages both times.

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    3 years ago
    @ElSlayer ice is a fickle friend. I once sank a panther with a shock trooper grenade, i also lost a pershing to its vet auto grenade throw breaking the ice infront of it...
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    3 years ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 932 mod

    ^^ Wow, now that would just be like stepping on a rake in the front yard.

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    3 years ago
    PastulioPastulio Posts: 2,060
    edited January 2017

    Lost 3 time in row in random games vs same guy 1v1.

    He spamed 3 HMGs and Panzergrenadires. Could not do anything as SU with 3 different strategys. OPenals does not work vs PG blob, Shoks does not work, guards does not work and t-70 does not work. By the time i'm getting to t-4 he already has a Panther.

    Uninstalled game since that time. Cry in bathroom and don't comunicate with real world.

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