Boys AT rifle model bug in Tank Hunters IS

4 years ago
JonnydodgerJonnydodg… Posts: 22
edited October 2016 in Bug Reporting

PLEASE RELIC, fix this minor aesthetic bug.
The Boys Anti Tank rifles the Tank Hunter Infantry sections spawn in with (from the Special Weapons Regiment commander) have a bugged model, and resemble a BAR more than a Boys.

As the screenshot shows, the magazine is floating below the weapon. Interestingly, when the soldier reloads the Boys, the magazine rotates into the proper position on the rifle, and once the animation finishes, the magazine returns to below the rifle. The British sniper's Boys rifle is not affected by this bug.
While I understand this is not a game breaking bug, nor a very noticeable one, it annoys me when I see it, especially when every other weapon in the game is modelled well.
It occurs every time they are called in.


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