Elite troops (normalize the tiger ace already)

4 years ago
eonfigureeonfigure Posts: 468
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Enough is enough, twisting a players arm with two handicaps for the acquirement of this vehicle needs to stop. One average vetted up tiger does not necessitate the halting of resoures to a player. NO UNIT IS WORTH THAT.
...and let's stick on that topic real fast, the only way the tiger ace would be worth that cost in any other game, is if it was:
IMMUNE TO damage engine, imobilization, main gun destroyed (and all other afflictions) but guess what? It's not! It's completely vulnerable to the humble AT grenade -_-

Moving on....

Furthermore it's design is just gimmicky.
A one time call-in unit that must be sarcrificed quickly.

Do you realize how dumb that is in a game that values unit presevation?

Not only is the doctrine below par in performance, but the handicap on the ace is just ridiculous, not to mention again that fact that it's just one...
Keep it simple people.

SOLUTION: Normalize it's price equal to that of a stock tiger but increase that cost to factor in the vet.
And get rid of that stupid one-time call in design. It worked in vcoh, but it doesnt work here. This is another game.

The ace has had several nerfs, including the removal of it's stun shot, which I'm okay with...but no single tank is worth ALL of your resources. And to be competely honest, it's not even that good. I'd rather have the rebuildable UK Ace, otherwise known as the comet.


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    4 years ago
    RSW2002RSW2002 Posts: 14
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    There's basically no reason to field this tank unless you've already won the game anyway due to the completely ludicrous resource handicap. People who make it their main unit anyway in 3v3/4v4 are basically knocked out of the game/start the collapse of their team once they lose it, which they invariably do because they have no mediums to support it due to the cost.

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    4 years ago

    You should never, intentionally throw away a unit in this game, especially a so called, "final" this will make or break me unit.

    In tournaments it actually comes down to who preserved their armor and units better, even though the players fought to oblivion with their units. The handicap for this unit makes it seem like it's does-it-all. The savior i've been waiting for. But it's just a normal tiger. No interesting perks...

    • No suppression
    • No stun shot or tread breaker
    • No immunity to damage engine
    • No Improved blitzkrieg (longer duration or whatever)
    • No ability to cap points
    • Not even a PINTLE mounted mg (lul to the nth degree!)

    WHY am i giving up ALL my resources again?

    "because it's only manpower"

    Well ya know something...that's not good enough.

    In fact, not only that, but we have posts going on in the balance forums right now, deciding on whether or not the tiger is even living up to its expectations. For such a handicap to be attached to this "ace" i think would require more than just a silly stun shot added to it. It would need a single tactical nuke to be included. rolls eyes

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    4 years ago
    The point is to play normally with this commander, build your army and call it in when its needed the most. Yall say its nothing special but after a decisive armour battle suddenly having a vet 2 self spotting tiger can mean game. Obviously there needs to be counter play (things like damage engine) we HAD one with no counter play that could walk through entire armies because it was more like a launch KT without the soviet having ANY buffed AT.
    Use it properly and it will reward you.
    Ive had many games where i was beaten into base and used this monster to turn the tides.
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    4 years ago

    Oh i understand exaxtly how to play with this commander dear dark, that's preaching to the choir, what im saying is...the "concept" of this one time unit doesnt belong in this game anymore. With powerhouses like the USF and british forces, it needs a more streamlined, more conventional, and efficient approach.
    And what would be wrong would that? It would actually make the doctrine...tournament worthy, well jeez, another plus.

    Furthermore it's risk doesn't outweigh it's reward. Resoures in this game are not "built" like in other rts games...
    (this is where noraml coh reasoning is going to be pushed aside, stats, units, army faction choice)

    They're given to you, no matter what, Income doesn't stop, it increases and decreases by territory, but it never stops. The tiger ace breaks that concept, it breaks a fundemental game mechanic. And for what? A single tank that can be AT-naded? Nope sorry. (new design needed) I personally think it's too extreme and a concept that belong back in 2013, when the game designers were having fun and trying out new and crazy concepts for their game.
    Through patches and updates we've seen this game change dramatically. The ace doesnt fit in it's current form.

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    4 years ago

    I have another idea how to normalize it.

    Set it's cost to a default tiger (multiple call-in's if destroyed and all)
    But now the tiger ace will enter the field at veterancy zero. It'll have an ability on it that would allow it to boost veterancy with munitions. 150 munitions per star of veternacy. Example: vet 1, 150muni required, vet2, 150 muni required, and so on.

    With this ability being optional (as in the player could just vet the tiger in battle) it'll still make the ace unique without breaking the game. This would also play into strategy as the player would want to converse munitions for the ace, or use them and just level their colorful tiger normally.

    There was a debate on why boosting vet with fuel was wrong; and i agreed, it was also wrong because it could be done to any unit. Which was why that ability was removed. This would only apply to the tiger ace, and really...just be a secret cost for it's title.

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    3 years ago
    ThatguyThatguy Posts: 41
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    what if they add in the abilities from the theater of war? I mean the tiger ace one where you get flares, smoke, and crew repair? I think they should still keep normal tiger veteran buffs on top of this, and start it at vet 0 (also maybe a slight stat buff, health, armor penetration, etc.).

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    3 years ago
    Mr_RuinMr_Ruin Posts: 92

    It is a Hail Mary pass, if you use it to it's strenghts and in the very deciding moments of a match, you can rampage with it through an oponent's entire army. Even if you were losing badly. It is very very powerful in smaller maps or shorter matches, but if the match goes on for too long after it is called in it just drains you white.

    Cause of that I rarely use that commander cause one little hijink and you lost your big tank and don't have any fuel to build something to replace it. And even more importantly while you have it your requisition is barely enough to reinforce, you can forget additional units. So whenever I face it I try to kill anything but it. Keep it constantly damaged with TD's and under repairs and kill other units and sooner or later your oponent will be without anything else.

    So in some cases I see it purposefully kamikazed to kill 2 tanks or so, that way it returns it's cost without additional drains. And this shouldn't be the case cause firstly this is the game of unit preservation and secondly it's a bloody Tiger Ace not a V1 rocket.

    It turns Elite troops late game into a one unit tactic without much strategising, and it turns CoH2 into a Tiger and a couple of little helpers. I would gladly see it decreased in potency but also for it to lose that cripling req drain, that way whoever uses it would need to actually fight a battle, not fight it's own Tiger. Also it wouldn't just stomp into the ground an unready oponent in 15 sec from it coming into the match (it doesn't need fuel so can come in after a big vehicle play which annihiliated both players armor)

    Or if nothing else, just replace it with a regular Tiger. That wouldn't be my prefered solution, but it is a sort of solution as well.

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    3 years ago
    eonfigureeonfigure Posts: 468

    Replacing it with a normal tiger wouldn't just be a solution, it would be a mercy killing at this point.

    Im tired of players getting erections when they destroy the Tiger Ace, as if it still the previous version that rampaged the battlefield when it was turbocharged. Now if you did that back in the day, i personally commend you, you deserve all the props, but nowadays, not really. Furthermore it's insult to injury knowing that player cannot call in anymore heavy armor. Despite being a vet 3 standard, stock, typical, regulation, basic, normal AVERAGE tiger.

    "Congratulations you've destroyed a stock tiger against a player who is already currently crippled eco-wise."

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