Automatch is not fair

4 years ago

I don't understand the automatch algorithm.

Lowest ranked plates are selected to play with the highest ranks players. Doesn't make any sense.


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    4 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    So, the way things work is the first 10 games as any faction are placer games. You get pitted against anyone and everyone as the game tries to find out where you belong in the matchmaking, after those 10 games you *should* be playing players around your skill level.
    The "qualifier" matches are required for every different faction, game mode and for every DIFFERENT premade team meaning if you play usf in 1s you will still need to go through the 10 placment matches as usf in 2s, and playing 2s with me will require placment again, and playing 2s with someone else will again require a reassessment.
    All these placements are kept independent, so our standing in 2s wont effect your personal 2v2 auto match placement

    Lota words I know, but I hope that made sense and helped
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    4 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    Oh, also the "rank" shown in game is simply time played, not necessarily skill, you will still rank up if you play 4 players vs 1 easy bot. Its a silly remnant of the really old progression system, pay it little mind
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    4 years ago

    I'm have been playing COH2 for very long time (more than 700 hours) with more than 100 multiplayer games. I think the automatch algorithm is not working properly and should be improved.

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    4 years ago
    pablonanopablonano YesterdayPosts: 2,549

    I feel like they need to put a minimun lvl to it like in almost every other multiplayer game, so you are promoting IA and customs and at the same time you make automatch to be somehow more prestigeous

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    4 years ago

    Here is another example how poor automatch is:

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    4 years ago

    Yet another example. Takes the fun out from this game. Player with 18 hours vs player with more then 1000...

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    3 years ago
    moremegamoremega REDWOOD CITY CA USAPosts: 229
    edited December 2016

    Ya, i think the auto match system is very broken towards the middle class skilled player, which promotes quitting and here's why:
    Say you start to get towards a 50% win ratio and the computer starts matching you with opponents far beyond your skill lvl, or a mixed game with some players that bought the game yesterday. All you have to do is quit the match so that the computer will match you more fairly.

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    3 years ago

    Im having this exact same problem. Either im teamed up with people who have lots of experience and the other team leave before the game starts, or I'm teamed up with complete noobs who I have to try and carry the whole game (and i'm not even very good).
    Its perhaps about 1 in 5 games where match making gets it about right and we have a fairly even battle.

    Struggling a lot with automatch at the moment :(

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    3 years ago

    I agreed on this case. It's a sad thing. I love COH2, but just a challenging game, not a frustrative game. Pls do something about it since i'm the only one left playing COH2, while all the players i used to play with abbandoned the game because of this problem.

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    3 years ago
    mintyminty Huntington BeachPosts: 19

    I was having this problem with 1v1s. I was matched up with either a complete noob or what seemed to be a pro player. I found myself winning a few matches and earning a promotion then losing the next few matches(usually quite brutally) and getting knocked back down a level. I was frustrated and I quit playing for awhile. I felt that relic's automatch algorithm was flawed and need improvement. Then one day while I was looking at the CoH2 Leaderboard something dawned on me. There are less than 3000 players ranked for any given faction( average of about 2000). With such a small player base it only makes sense that I mainly get matched up against noobs or pros and opponents of my skill level are few and far in between. Once I realized this I figured the only way around this problem is to just learn how to play better. I now spend more time watching replays and Imperial Dane's The Propaganda Cast to learn what I could do to improve my play.(the secret is mines =P) Im currently on a 7 game win streak, which I probably just jinxed, and I haven't felt like I was playing against a pro in a long time. I still get noobs though lol.

    I can see this problem being intensified in team games but I would still suggest that you take the time to learn to improve your play and of course queue with a teammate whom you know is at your skill level. The main reason I don't play team games(or MOBAs) with randoms is because I cant stand losing because my mate failed or being flamed when I fail.

    And because it is a pet peeve of mine to endure complaining without the suggestion of how to solve the problem, I'm curious to know how you would improve the algorithm so that the match ups are more fair and the wait time still be reasonable?

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    3 years ago

    If someone is prestige ranked 100 but only plays 1v1 -the moment they being to try 2v2's for example they'll be pitched against anyone in a placement match. They'll be 10 or so of these before a rank is assigned. The majority of the time these are against noobs who'll genuinely be playing their first ever match, not just the first time playing the mode (2v2).

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    3 years ago
    mintyminty Huntington BeachPosts: 19

    Why is that a problem? In the scenario you are describing both teams would be playing placement matches. After these 10 matches both team will be ranked accordingly. If you are worried about your teammate being new then don't solo queue for team matches...

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    3 years ago

    If I knew enough people that played the game, perhaps I wouldnt have too

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    3 years ago

    when i first started playing rts games there was no such thing as matchmaking. i never had a problem with that. now that some people like minty for example play some games and win and are happy and then lose brutally several times and quit the game for a while because they lose, i guess matchmaking helps keep them from quitting, because they cant handle losing. that means its a good thing because it will result in more softies not quitting the game. i cant relate to how softies or ragers think though. winning or losing is not the reason you play a game to begin with. i learned that the hard way back when there were no matchmaking systems. some people keep playing and inevitably they become good players, others scream like a kid who lost their favorite toy when they lose and even quit the game LOL.

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    3 years ago
    mintyminty Huntington BeachPosts: 19

    @ultramega said:
    when i first started playing rts games there was no such thing as matchmaking. i never had a problem with that. now that some people like minty for example play some games and win and are happy and then lose brutally several times and quit the game for a while because they lose, i guess matchmaking helps keep them from quitting, because they cant handle losing.

    Losing alone isn't what makes people rage. Its the feeling of unfairness of being matched against a player who you feel is far beyond your skill level. You took what I said out of context and the result is an insulting elitist comment that does not add anything positive to the discussion. Good job.

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