UKF vs MG42 with leIG support and fast flamer HT

3 years ago
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What are the best options for brits in team games 3v3+ when ost make multiple mg42 and lock down areas esp with buildings. The mortar pit should be a counter to locked down areas but okw then makes leIG's that destroy it quickly. Even 2 x ost mortars that keep moving can kill the pit quickly making it a waste since killing a leIG or ost mortar still allows them to be re-crewed by cheap pioneers but the pit is 400MP wasted.

The fast flamer HT sometimes coming at just over 1CP is also an issue since it kills the mg covering the pit and the pit itself; usually before it can pack-up and retreat esp if its in a building. The bofos would protect the pit from the fast 222 or FHT but the leIG's counter those so I find them hardly worth building and then feel stuck on what to do to dislodge axis as I have no MP to try and assault.

I usually try the flamer bren early but if ally feeds vet to mg42 that is toast due to AP rounds well before it can clear an mg out of a building. So then I try arty on IS but you really need anvil for air burst shells to help dislodge axis by then as its too late.

The land mattress comes far too late at 8 cp to be of use. If I try to play aggressive as brits at start the movement in open areas to get cover bleeds them too much vs volks usually. Advise ?


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    3 years ago
    Currently ,British is the weakest faction in team game without non doctrinal mobile artillery unit. All u can do is pray and hope ur teammate is usf or soviet. So they can assault for u or build 120 and pack howitzer to counter the op artillery of axis.
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