[SOV][All] Soviet requirement change Сonscript Infantry squad.

3 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133
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1) Сonscript Infantry squad

  • 240Manpower
  • Building time seconds 24
  • Target size 1.087
    1-1) Weapon neve "Mosin Nagant Conscript"

  • Range 35/0

  • Damage 16
  • Accuracy (F/N) 0.33/0.54
  • Reload time 4.96
  • Cooldown time (F/N) 6.19 / 2.13

2) Grenadier squad

  • 240 Manpower
  • bulding time seconds 24
  • Target size 0.91
    2-1) Weapon neve "Kar-98k Rifle"

  • Range 35/0

  • Damage 16
  • Accuracy (F/N) 0.60/0.75
  • Reload time 3.73
  • Cooldown time (F/N) 4..02/1.60
    2-2) Weapon neve "MG42 LMG"

  • Range 35/0

  • Damage 4
  • Accuracy (F/N) 0.38/0.58
  • Reload time 5.81
  • Cooldown time (F/N) 2.13 / 1.59
  • 1/rate of fire 0.06

Сonscript Infantry squad
Cheap troops. Effective when fighting in cover.

Effective against infantry at long range. Versatile abilties.

Grenadiers have:

  • Upgrading the MG42 LMG Package
  • Upgrade package costs 60 munitions
  • Upgrade time 30 seconds

The requirement for Сonscript Infantry squad:
The Сonscript Infantry itself has been lowered in manpower cost to better match its value. Thus, Сonscript Infantry get access to a AVS-36 package upgrade, which the following perks:

  • Manpower cost reduced from 240 to 200 (The description: Cheap troops.)
  • Upgrading the 2x AVS-36 Package
  • Upgrade package costs 40 munitions
  • Upgrade time 20 seconds

AVS-36 Conscript Infantry

  • Range 35/0
  • Damage 10
  • Accuracy (F/N) 0.50/0.70
  • Reload time 2.73
  • Cooldown time (F/N) 1.05 / 0.50

If you need information about AVS-36's website:
https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Автоматическая_винтовка_Симонова (RUS)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVS-36 (US)


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    3 years ago
    Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

    Who agree with my opinion? Write and I will read your opinion.

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    3 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 983

    shouldn't get an AVS-36. Was a bad design that got repeatedly replaced.

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    3 years ago
    Why go avs when you can go AVT-40 and use an existing model and just tweak its rof at close range (at the cost of accuracy)
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    3 years ago

    Not meant to be same as Grenadiers, and Penal Battalions.

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    3 years ago
    TheWiseTheWise Posts: 63

    Dude, stop trying to convince the Relic to remake their russophobic "Enemy-At-The-Gates"-like crap. It's useless. If you want normal Conscripts- play mods like, for instance, my "Summer 44" one, where Strelkoviye Otdeleniye (aka "Rifle Squad") looks like:

    240 MP
    6 men
    Target size - 0.95
    Weapon - "Guards Mosin-Nagant" (with all related properties)
    Initially RGD-33 AI grenade (Partisans' one)
    Can dig trenches

    • "KS" incendiary bottles (aka Molotovs. Molotovs, however, are not a shit anti-infantry weapon, but some kind of "3 in 1" weapon: anti-garrison, makeshift smoke screen and soft anti-vehicle);
    • RPG-6 AT grenades;
    • one DP-27 (DP-28 in the game).

    Grenadiers are also modified to make them balanced with Conscripts;

    240 MP
    5 men instead of 4;

    • have both Shiessbecher and Stiehlhandgranate (Volksgrenadiers' one);
    • can have randomly MG-34 or MG-42 LMG as an upgrade;
    • all the rest is like in the original game
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