how to login for a multiplayer match

3 years ago

i dont know how to play multplayer matchs help please ive been youtubing it but i cant figure it ourt


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    3 years ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132

    Ingame, go to Online & Skirmish, and then choose either Automatch vs players, or Public Gamelist. In the Public Gamelist, you can choose a game which has free slots (you will see for example 3/4, then there is still one slot free so you can join) and then join it.

    In Automatch you can't choose the map, but you can select which size you wanna play (1vs1, 2vs2, etc). In Public Gamelist there are usually more games so when you see a map you don't wanna play, you can search for a different game.

    You can always choose your side (allies or axis), but in Automatch you can never change it, while in Public Gamelist you might be able to switch sides depending on the situation.

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