SOV- Mobile support tactic

3 years ago
TznTzn Posts: 4
edited February 2017 in Commander Feedback

3P-Paratroops (like british version)
4P-Supply drop
7P- Vehicle crew repair
8P-Mark veh.
manpower 420
fuel 180
popcap 15 (or 16)
average damage 195
penetration 230
armor 220 (st between SU-85 and JGPZR IV)
rest close to SU-85


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    3 years ago

    Mark Vehicle is more useful than a SU-100, which cost much more yet performs just like SU-85. Change it to IS-2; there are no IS-2 plus Mark Vehicle commanders.
    What are the soviet equivalent of paratroopers? British don't have any. Soviets converted their airborne into Guards divisions in WW2, and paratroopers operate on landing radius affected by beacons. I prefer if the first ability simply spawned Guards as is; oddly enough there are no Guards + IS-2 commanders, either.

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    3 years ago
    TznTzn Posts: 4

    British version I mean with glider, works as forward HQ. SU-100 should performs like kw-1, nothing huge, but helpful with mark target. Mark veh/IS-2/Guards also looks pretty good, even better, but i don't think relic approve this, rather as too strong compare to other fractions resources. Especially in 1vs1 match.

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    3 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    If memory serves the su100 stats are actually worse than the su85
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    3 years ago
    TznTzn Posts: 4

    I think its better enought.

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