BATTLE ARENA game company of heroes 2

3 years ago

Good afternoon I was part beta test game total war arena
Why do not you make an arena in this 10x10 game style but with soldiers, infantry, and tanks on various types of different maps?

New mod game..........

I have heroes 2 company in steam games
If you invented this game mode please let me know in my email
Where soon here grateful


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    3 years ago

    And I'll finish I will not post anything else in the forum because I do not speak English I use a translator, but a game in the style arena 10 x 10 would be excellent in the mode with tanks, infantry, everything that exists in the game heroes company
    But that is progressing logically, and several different maps, it would be a game apart ....

    Let me tell you one day that they do this separate game in the MOBA style, but with the heroes, company ... 10x10 or better 15x15?

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