Cross-Platform Multiplayer

3 years ago


I am writing this forum in hopes of catching the attention of a developer, or the general population of Company of Heroes players. During Christmas, my friend bought a mac, and we both wanted to play online. Since we both have a love for RTS types of games, I recommended that he buy Company of Heroes 2. After he bought the game, we were both prepared to play multiplayer, but then the message "incompatible version" displayed on the screen. I searched this online to find that there was apparently no way a mac and a windows laptop could play multiplayer together in this game. I understand that a major part of the issue is our lack of research to confirm we could be in the same multiplayer match, but I also believe that another part of it was that there was no warning of the game having no ability to host cross-platform multiplayer matches. My hopes in this forum is to ask for the development of the ability to have cross-platform multiplayer matches, or the explanation of why it cannot be done.

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