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3 years ago
GoYellowFoxGoYellowF… Posts: 22
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Problem :s

  • CoH is interesting for me only for its command game modes, so why is ally search so bad? My rating sometimes falls down because of the newbees of 500-2000 place in top in my team in several matches in a row. I am the top 10 and my enemies are both top 10-50. Why am I supposed to suffer because of such bad matchmaking?
  • Why is there's no 15th rank in the 2v2 table of ranks? After 16th comes 14 http://www.companyofheroes.com/leaderboards#global/2v2/german/by-rank?page=6
  • Why can't we report/block player
    Solution :)

  • Let the game better not be found than put me in one team with noob

My profile http://www.companyofheroes.com/leaderboards#profile/steam/76561198024430750/standings


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