LAN multiplayer and wide multiplayer

3 years ago
shriefmpshriefmp Posts: 1
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hey guys .. i didn't buy coh 2 western front armies yet ,, before i buy it i want to know how can i play with my neighbor if we buy the game ? ( we used to play the old coh 1 by connecting our laptops with cable )
and how to play online with many people around the world ? please inform me :smile:


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    3 years ago
    mintyminty Huntington BeachPosts: 19

    When you start the game there are three categories labeled Play, Learn, and Additional Content. In the Play category the third option is Online & Skirmish. Select Online & Skirmish. This will bring you to a screen with 4 options: Automatch Vs. Players, Automatch Vs. AI, Create Custom Game, and Public Game List. Now you have several options. If you want to play on the same team as your neighbor you can select Automatch Vs Players, Automatch Vs AI, or Create Custom Game. Since you are new I would suggest selecting Automatch Vs. AI. If you want to play against your neighbor you would need to select Create Custom Game. I hope this helps.

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