German Tank Spam Issue?

3 years ago
James9322James9322 York, EnglandPosts: 5


I hate moaning about balancing and never really post such things on the forums, but have I missed some update that allows Germans to spam tanks?

This past week every German players I go against seem to produce 6 or 7 tanks pretty much instantly - within 5 to 10 minutes. And it's all the time.

I just played a game with my friends, I focused on getting a tank out top priority and I was met instantly by 4 panzers! This was within the 5 minute mark. All 4 panzers were owned by the same guy.

I've played for years and have just got my friends on, but they're leaving the game as we simply are unable to combat a constant barrage of tanks within 10 minutes!

I'm not moaning, I'm just wondering if there is a known bug lately, or anything as such??


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