Poll of the strategic usefulness of the british AT emplacement:

4 years ago
Poll of the strategic usefulness of the british AT emplacement:

Poll of the strategic usefulness of the british AT emplacement: 29 votes

I use it and it definitely helps the war-effort!
10% 3 votes
After trying the british AT emplacement I rarely use it! because ...
17% 5 votes
Its cost 20 pops into a defensive immovable structure is too much!
17% 5 votes
The emplacement is too big to strategically place on all or most maps!
13% 4 votes
Its ability to find targets and its damage is bad!
3% 1 vote
It is too slow!
3% 1 vote
It is too easily destroyed by tanks, bazookas or mortars(artillary)!
6% 2 votes
It is too easily destroyed by flamethrowers!
10% 3 votes
Movable AT guns are strategically always better than immovable AT emplacements!
17% 5 votes


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    4 years ago
    solowingsolowing Posts: 50

    For how amazing the 17pdr is at tearing tanks asunder, I can live with the 20pop. The real issue is how massive it is. Placement is absolutely crucial for something that requires manual facing and is slow to turn, but the 17pdr is so huge it simply can't fit in most places you'd want to put one, even with some serious demolition work. I rarely use it, not because I dislike it or can't afford the cost, but because I rarely find a good place to put one down.

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    4 years ago

    I think this poll has to many answers. It would probably be more conducive to ask the same question with three answers being "It is Over powered" "It is balanced" and "It is Under Powered" and then have people explain why in the replies.

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    4 years ago

    Too big to place anywhere useful, too high a pop cap requirement and not useful enough...

    Complete waste of resources to build, don't think I've ever built one without regretting it.

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    3 years ago
    Top_Haten1Top_Haten1 Posts: 40
    edited April 2017

    It is better to spend the resources on a Firefly tbh. Same gun, good movement allows you to flank. As soon as the enemy sees a 17 pounder, boom boom boom, Stuka/arty.

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    2 years ago
    ThatguyThatguy Posts: 41

    If your opponent is retarded and does nothing but spam tanks into the same corridors, the 17 pdr saves your ass when you'd otherwise be fucked. But if they are remotely intelligent, they will nuke it with artillery and hand the shell-shocked rubble back to you for a huge loss of resources.

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