Can Relic still make great games?

3 years ago

In light of Dawn of War 3 - which to many was a disappointment; wherever you came from. Be it an avid fan of the first game/second game or a newbie that likes RTS'. Technically people from COH1 hate COH2...too. For understandable reasons. But COH2 is, now, a great RTS in most respects (People really don't like the microtransactions).

All of DAW3's problems with design, graphics, balance etc could filter through to COH3 if it's an embedded problem or mentality. Will it? How many people who developed COH1/2 are still at Relic? Has the SEGA takeover affected their ability? I read that it didn't and apparantly is a force of good. So does that mean Relic has let some talent leak? Or did they just try something new by being the jack of all trades RTS (DAW3), and it just didn't live up to expectations - which can happen.

I hope Relic learns from its mistakes when it comes to COH3. Which I'm sure has been in the initial stages of development for at least a year or so.


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    3 years ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,948
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    It is not outrageous to think that neither Relic nor SEGA thinks DoW3 is a bad game, since they will see it very differently than consumers.

    If you want consolation, Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome II was a disaster by everything except sales (go figure) and it didn't kill off the company, instead they got better, sort of, in some ways. They're also under SEGA so if you're talking about boot fitting, they'll perhaps do the same thing and roller-coaster between making great titles and bad titles. They'll make terrible games if they can make good money from it and make a better one to placate the market afterward.
    They're probably also going the normalization scheme, where the poor simplistic mechanics stay and everyone just gets used to them. The crowd is fickle, as a Danish actress once said in Gladiator.

    You'd have to be like Firefly Studios and make bad games consecutively to really be in trouble.

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    3 years ago
    dafelsdafels Posts: 8

    Coh 2 is great right now, thanks god I wasn't there to witness the bad launch they had.
    I wish they will drop the greedy business scheme for coh3 of trying to milk customer in every way possible(dlcs for every faction, need to buy commanders, need to buy campaigns, etc...) like it is now coh2, 90% of bad reviews are just, because of their greed, but the game is great.

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    3 years ago

    Coh2 is good, but no content update for 6 months. Each day i will check the blog of CoH's website and the forum, hope can read good news but nothing at all.

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