Confused about an issue, please help.

3 years ago

When i started off i got some skins in my inventory, and these continue to grow. I presume these are free "Community skins" so i equip them, only to find they disappear in games, same goes with decals i have a bunch of them only to find they never show up in games. I go into a single player match and they show up though, so I am really confused.

I presume i'm being a noob here and there is a reason for this which is obvious.

Hope you can help me
-Top Hat


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    3 years ago

    So community skins are kind of a novelty in that they will not appear in ranked games, only in custom games. You can unlock "real" skins by getting them in loot crates/spending war funds acquired from loot crates. Essentially anything you get that isn't just camouflage is probably not going to appear in game, though even some legitimate looking camo patterns are still community made and thus won't appear in automatch. Relic's logic behind this is that by making anime girls appear on tanks a level of realism will be removed from the game, so such things are available only in custom games. Cheers.

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    3 years ago
    Top_Haten1Top_Haten1 Posts: 40

    But what about the decals, i mean none of them show up either and i can't buy any from the store.

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