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We are excited to announce that our Community Curated Balance Program is back! Similar to the Winter Balance Preview and Grand Championships Balance Preview, we will be working together with a group of community balance modders to test a series of focused balance changes with the community. If the proposed changes improve strategic diversity, reduce frustrating gameplay, and receive a high approval rating from the community, they will be eligible for curation into automatch. Similar to previous curated balance changes, this will be an iterative process that will span multiple months of playtesting, feedback, review and iteration. As stated in the name, the changes proposed below are meant to act as a preview of the potential balance changes to come with the final version of the changes intended for a Fall 2017 release. A huge thank you goes out to community members, Mr. Smith, Miragefla, SoE-Sturmpanther, Bene, Lieutenant, and Shatterhand for their work and contribution thus far.

The primary focus (or Scope) for this set of balance changes is on Team Game balance (primarily that of 3v3 & 4v4). Therefore, the proposed changes outlined below have been curated from players in the community with team game oriented knowledge and expertise to identify and potentially address any key, re-occurring concerns in these match types. The prioritized scope for the team game related balance changes has been focused around Tank Destroyers & On-Map Artillery.

A secondary goal for the Fall Balance Preview mod will be to test some fundamental changes to how Anti-Air, Call-in Units & Forward Retreat Points work in-game. These changes will require thorough testing and high community approval ratings to move beyond being tested in the mod to being playable in automatch and thus, may not be part of the Fall 2017 release.

Lastly, the scope has been expanded to include some slight adjustments to a few units currently causing dominate meta, such as the Dshka HMG team. As always, the balance preview will also include a number of Quality of Life changes as well as bug fixes.

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DISCLAIMER - The changes outlined below are NOT FINAL and are intended for extensive public / community testing. Please provide all relevant feedback to the Fall Balance Preview Feedback thread in the Balance section of the forums



We have adjusted the way anti-air RNG works to ensure AA units can bring down aircrafts at a more consistent and predictable rate. As a result, aircrafts will no longer have the chance of being immediately destroyed upon entering the battlefield.
• All non-cargo planes have 240 health and 35 armour.
• Cargo planes have 300 health and 35 armour.
• Planes that could not be attacked such as paradrop planes are still immune to AA.
• Death critical on deflection removed from all AA weapons.


Half-tracks are being given slightly more utility by allowing them to transport the majority of weapon teams. Note that weapon teams will not fire their crewed weapons out of open-topped half-tracks.
• All half-tracks can now carry mortars, HMGs and Raketenwerfers

Blitzkrieg/Overdrive/War Speed/Step On It

These movement boost abilities will now cease when the vehicle receives an engine critical.
• The effects of speed boost abilities now becomes cancelled (without refund) if the vehicle receives any type of engine damage.
• This affects all similar speed-boost type of abilities for all factions

Forward Retreat Points (FRP)

Forward Retreat Points are being modified to act as a mid-late game. These changes aim to bring the UKF & OKW in-line with the USF (i.e. requires the Major to access FRP) and limit players from digging in too early before counters such as light vehicles & AOE are available, particularly in team games.
• UKF FRP requires Company Command Post.
• OKW FRP requires either a Mechanized or Schwerer Panzer Headquarters established.
• OKW Battlegroup unable to reinforce if cut-off from friendly territory.
• 60 second cooldown between toggles.
• 40 second delay after the FRP is triggered or turned off before the changes take effect.


A major goal for the Fall Balance Preview mod will be test some changes made to how call-ins work, primarily focused around call-in units.

The changes proposed will either lock the call-in unit to tech, increase its call-in cooldown duration or in most cases, give the call-in unit an inflated pre-tech cost, which will be reduced to normal levels once the unit’s corresponding tech has been achieved.
The intent behind these changes is to make choosing call-in units more meaningful, a choice that is dependent on the course of a match rather than a guaranteed, pre-ordained decision. This will also help prevent some of the call-in spam we are seeing from some strategies, making losing one of these units more impactful.

The following call-in units have been adjusted to reflect the changes mentioned above:
• IS-2 (Price Premium)
• KV-1 (Price Premium)
• KV-2 (Price Premium)
• ISU-152 (Price Premium)
• KV-8 (Price Premium)
• M4C (Tied to Tech)
• Tiger (Price Premium)
• Elephant (Price Premium)
• Command Panzer IV (Price Premium)
• Pershing (Price Premium)
• M10 (Price Premium)
• Sherman Bulldozer (Price Premium)
• Priest/Calliope (Price Premium)
• Ostwind (Price Premium)
• Command Panther (Price Premium)
• Jagdtiger (Price Premium)
• Flammpanzer 38 ‘Hetzer’ (Price Premium)
• Sturmtiger (Price Premium)
• Crocodile (Price Premium)
• AVRE (Price Premium)



Due to the relatively low price of the M10, the unit has received a higher mark-up in manpower when the Major has not been deployed.

AP shells have had their ready-aim time reduced to fix their responsiveness when switching targets.
• Call-In cost without Major tech: 450/115.
• AP shell Ready-Aim Time from 2.25 to 0.125.

M4 Sherman Dozer

With the increased price to call-ins without the appropriate tech, the Dozer has received a number of changes to improve its effectiveness. Veterancy has been modified to be more in-line with anti-infantry breakthrough tanks and the vehicle’s AT performance is now closer to that of the Brummbar rather than the HE Sherman.
• Call-In cost without Major tech: 500/175
• Penetration from 30 to 50
• Added 50% deflection damage
• Moving scatter set to 1.5 from 2
• CP from 10 to 11
Veterancy Changes
• Veterancy 2 now provides 160 health and +5 range.
• Veterancy 3 +35% horizontal traverse moved to veterancy 2.
• Veterancy 2 mobility boosts moved to veterancy 3.
• Veterancy requirements set from 2160/4320/8640 to 1950/3900/7800

M26 Pershing

The M26 has received a slight change to its HVAP rounds to slightly lower its capability of being able to ‘double-shot’ in addition to the changes to call-ins.
• Call-In cost without Major tech: 750/290
• HVAP ready-aim time from 0.5 to 2.5

M7B1 Priest

The Priest has received a change to reduce its ability to be massed in team games through the use of de-crewing. In return, the unit has received a slight reduction in population while its AOE has been modified to be more in-line with other howitzers.
• Call-In cost without Major tech: 600/145
• Mid AOE from 0.15 to 0.28
• Creeping Barrage weapon now shares the same stats as the standard barrage weapon.
• Population from 16 to 15.
• Can no longer be decrewed.

M4 Sherman Calliope

The Calliope has had its population increased to match other artillery units while its ability to alpha-strike soft targets has been significantly decreased. This change puts the Calliope in the role as an area denial weapon due to the increase delay in rockets. Furthermore its durability has been reduced to make the unit more vulnerable to attacks. Regardless, it still has the most health and armour of any artillery unit.
• Call-In cost without Major tech: 480/180
• Popcap from 12 to 15
• Near AOE distance from 1.5 to 0.5
• Removed Reload Frequency from 9 to 0.
• Cooldown from 0 to 0.3
• Health from 640 to 480

M36 ‘Jackson’ Tank Destroyer

To push the M36 into the role of heavy tank hunter, we have increased the unit’s health and accuracy to better allow the unit to be more aggressive when assaulting hostile tanks, but have slightly reduced the range and increased the cost to compensate.
• Health from 480 to 600
• Accuracy from 0.06/0.045/0.03 to 0.06/0.05/0.04
• Fixed an issue where HVAP Rounds were unresponsive when switching targets
• Range from 60 to 55
• Cost from 350/125 to 400/145

M15 AA Half-Track

The AA half-track has received reduced damage against aircraft when using its machine guns to compensate for its three AA guns. The 37mm has been unchanged.
• Machine Guns: 200% penetration, 50% damage versus aircraft.

M2HB Mounts

• 20 penetration versus aircraft. 0.5 damage vs aircraft.

M4 Smoke Launchers

Previously smoke deployed from a Sherman did not scatter. This made the multiple shells redundant. The change will allow the smoke to blanket a larger area and also be useful for covering an advance into an area that has yet to be scouted.
• FOW scatter multiplier from 1 to 1.25
• Scatter max distance from 1.5 to 8

Captain and Lieutenant

We have standardized all the models in the Lieutenant and Captain squad to ensure the player only pays a single price for reinforcing both the officer and regular infantry models. As a result their price has also been slightly decreased, but non-officer squad members are now slightly more expensive to reinforce.
• Squad costs to 280. Reinforce for every members now standardized to 28.


Like the Lieutenant and Captain, we have standardized the cost of the whole squad to a single reinforce value. The Major’s price remains the same.
• Reinforce for every member now standardized to 25


M4A2 Sherman Firefly

We are lowering the accuracy of the Firefly to be on-par with other tank destroyers and reducing its moving accuracy to be in-line with its role as an anti-armour hunter.

Tulips have also been modified, mainly for team games, to prevent devastating alpha strikes. The rockets will no longer completely stop a tank’s movement to prevent them from cancelling a player’s movement commands.
• 17 pounder accuracy from 0.08/0.07/0.05 to 0.055/0.045/0.4
• Moving accuracy from 0.75 to 0.5
• Tulips no longer cancels move commands upon stun.

17 Pounder ATG Nest

The population of the 17 Pounder has been adjusted to better reflect its value and match its counterpart, the Pak 43.
• Population from 20 to 14.

Mortar Pit

The mortar pit is being adjusted to be less powerful and unable to cover such a large area on its own. To compensate for these adjustments, the unit will be cheaper to give the British faction more readily access to indirect-fire and smoke.

Basic changes
• The mortar pit now spawns with a single mortar.
• Cost reduced from 400MP to 240MP.
• Population from 8 to 6.
• Health from 700 to 600.
• Armor from 5 to 2

Advanced Mortar Pit Upgrade
• The pit can upgrade a second mortar for 160 MP. This increases the unit’s population by 3.
• Upgrade increases armor by 3 and health by 100. Reduces the cooldown of all barrages by 33%

Auto-Fire and HE Barrage
• Autofire range reduced from 120 to 85
• HE barrage range reduced from 150 to 120
• HE Barrage cooldown reduced from 75 secs to 60 secs

Smoke Barrage
• Smoke Barrage range from 120 to 150
• Smoke Barrage range available from the start and on a separate cooldown from HE barrage
• Only one mortar will engage in smoke barrages

• Veterancy requirement from 480/960/1920 to 960/1920/3840.
• Veterancy 1: Smoke barrage unlock to -15% Smoke Barrage cooldown


The Bofors has had its AOE profile adjusted to be more effective against garrisons to match other autocannons.
• Max weapon elevation from 75 to 90.
• 40mm unchanged against aircraft.
• Garrison damage from 0.25 to 0.35.
• Garrison accuracy from 0.4 to 0.5.
• Far AOE from 1 to 0.05.
• Damage all in hold from False to True.

Centaur AA Tank

We have modified the Centaur’s AA profile to make it more effective as an AA unit. Furthermore we are increasing the unit’s power versus garrisons by allowing it to apply AOE to multiple members in a squad. The unit’s performance against infantry in heavy cover has also been fixed where it previously only received an accuracy penalty.
• 115% Damage vs aircraft.
• Heavy cover damage from 1 to 0.5.
• Light cover accuracy from 1 to 0.5.
• Garrison damage from 0.5 to 0.35.
• Garrison accuracy from 0.4 to 0.5.
• Damage to all in hold set to True.
• Far AOE from 1 to 0.05.

Churchill Crocodile

The Crocodile’s flamethrower damage is being toned down to match other flamethrowers. Previously the unit had a second ‘hidden’ flamethrower attached to its profile that caused it to deal more far damage than other flamethrower tanks.
• Call-in cost without Hammer or Anvil research: 800/290
• Second “hidden” Flamethrower weapon removed.
• Flamethrower damage from 10 to 12.
• Burst duration from 1/2 to 3.
• Flamethrower minimum range removed.
• Main turret now receives attack orders.

Churchill AVRE

• Call-in cost without Hammer or Anvil research: 750/175

Raid Operation

Raid Operation’s cost has been adjusted to closer match its value.
• Affected vehicles now capture and de-capture points at normal speeds rather than at higher than usual values.
• It is no longer possible for pinned squads to capture sectors.



The Ostwind has had its damage increased against aircraft as part of the AA rework. It should now destroy most planes in four rounds at veterancy 0 and three rounds at veterancy 2.

The Ostwind has also had its minimum range removed to match all other AI tanks and its projectile will no longer collide with terrain/landscape to improve its AI performance on rough ground.

• Minimum range removed.
• 150% Damage versus aircraft. 200% damage versus aircraft at veterancy 2.
• Projectile no longer collides with landscape or terrain.
• Changes also affect OKW Ostwind.

MG-42 Mounts
• 15x penetration versus aircraft. 50% damage vs aircraft.


The Elefant has received a damage reduction to reduce the unit’s effectiveness against medium tanks and tank destroyers. Previously, units like the Elefant were found to be too dominant in team games thanks to their ability to shutdown all forms of Allied armour while remaining relatively population efficient.
• Call-in cost without Battlephase 3: 900/310.
• Damage from 320 to 280.
• Population from 20 to 23.


The Tiger is receiving a mobility and speed boost to better reflect the Tiger’s position between the more armoured IS-2 and the faster Pershing. Note these changes do not affect the Tiger Ace.
• Call-in cost without Battlephase 3: 800/290.
• Speed from 4.7 to 5.4.
• Acceleration from 1.5 to 1.8.
• Deceleration from 1.8 to 2.

Command Panzer IV

• Call-in cost without Battlephase 3 or Support Armor Korps: 450/160.


The StuG-G’s Target Weak Point is being moved in-line with units like the Puma. Previously the ability lasted for too long, disabling a targeted vehicle for the majority of the fight. The ability will now need to be used in conjunction with other assets.

The Target Weak Point ability has received certain QoL changes that will allow the Stug to aim and fire the ability while moving.
• Population from 8 to 10.
• Target Weak Point duration from 15 to 5.
• Target Weak Point damage from 160 to 80.
• Target Weak Point now Blinds the target in addition to disabling the target’s weapons.
• Target Weak Point will always penetrate.


The StuG-E is losing its TWP ability. To push the unit towards its general anti-infantry role, it is gaining a pintle machine gun to help defend itself against infantry trying to close the distance.
• Veterancy 1 ability from TWP to free pintle machine gun (same MG as the StuG-G).


• Cost changed from 600MP to 400MP/50FU.


Suppression is being removed from the Panzerwerfer. This unit could destroy infantry far too easily due to the fact players would lose control of their troops when the barrage landed.
• Suppression removed from rockets.

Stuka Dive Bomb

The Stuka has received a cost increase and removal of its instant death critical against infantry to better reflect its pin-point accuracy, lack of flare warning and large AOE radius.
• Increase AoE damage multiplier from 1/0.35/0.05 to 1/0.35/0.08.
• Increased cost to 200.
• Will no longer instantly kill infantry within its AOE radius. Previously it could instant kill any infantry model up to 15 in-game meters.


251 Flak Half-Track

The unit will now be able to better track approaching aircraft passing overhead. Previously a 251 could fail to fire if aircraft flew right above the half-track.
• 200% increased damage versus aircraft.
• Max weapon elevation from 45 to 90.

Le.ig 18

The changes outlined below increase the unit’s micro requirements, but will now perform more effectively versus fortified position. The unit has also gained smoke barrage to assist the OKW with providing cover and flanking the enemy.
• Auto-fire range from 100 max, 40 min to 70 max, 30 min
• Barrage range from 100 max, 40 min to 85 max, 25 min
• Now has access to Smoke Barrage ability - fires four rounds at the target area.
• AOE Radius from 3 to 3.5.
• AOE distance from 0.75/1.5/2.25 to 0.75/1.75/3.
• Max scatter from 5 to 7 (all attacks)
• Angle Scatter from 6 to 6.75
• Auto-fire reload from 6.5-7.1 to 4.25
• Firing cone from 20 to 5
• Weapon horizontal speed from 3 to 8.
• Cost from 330 to 280
• Penetration from 75 to 35
• Population from 9 to 8
Veterancy Changes
• Veterancy 1 range boost replaced by Hollow Charge Shot. This ability is an direct-fire targeted anti-vehicle attack that deals 120 damage and has 200 penetration. Costs 15 munitions.
• Veterancy 2 bonuses replaced with -15% reload speed and 33% increased range on the smoke barrage.
• Veterancy 3 also reduces smoke barrage recharge by 33%.


• Cost changed from 600MP to 400MP/50FU.

Jagdpanzer IV

The Jagdpanzer IV is receiving a reduction in terms of its veterancy power. Previously, a veteran Jagdpanzer proved to be too powerful due to its incredibly high damage when attacking from stealth, ability to self-spot without penalty to its max range, while also being very well-protected against tank shells. The Jagdpanzer stealth capabilities is also being moved in-line with other vehicles.
• Detection radius from 10 to 20.
Veterancy Changes
• Veterancy 5 First-Strike damage from 400 to 200.
• Veterancy 2 sight bonus replaced by 20% weapon accuracy.
• Veterancy 2 armor bonus removed.


The Jagdtiger is receiving significant changes to lower its dominance in team games. The changes will make the Jagdtiger less potent against the majority of Allied. At the same time, Support-Fire will now be available without the need for veterancy to allow the Jagdtiger to support attacks against non-vehicle targets. Support-Fire has been modified in terms of damage output as the ability no longer collides with terrain or landscape.
• Call-In without Schwerer Panzer Headquarters: 900MP/350FU.
• Accuracy from 0.06/0.05/0.04 to 0.05/0.0375/0.025. (Matches Elefant accuracy)
• Damage from 320 to 280.
• Range from 85 to 78.
• Supporting Fire range from 125 to 85.
• Veterancy 4 rotation bonus removed.
• Engine upgrade no longer provides a 20% rotation bonus.
• Population from 21 to 24.
• Jagdtigers now suffer a short stun (disables main gun and reduces speed by 70% for 3 secs) upon receiving penetrating hits on rear armor. Ignored when the Jagdtiger reaches veterancy 5.

Supporting Fire
• Supporting Fire projectile now ignores terrain/landscape.
• Supporting Fire now available without veterancy.
• Veterancy 1 increases Supporting Fire rounds from 3 to 5.
• Jagdtiger Supporting Fire scatter from 6 to 8. Distance Scatter Max from 8.4 to 10
• Supporting FIre mid AOE from 2.25 to 1.5


• Call-In without Schwerer Panzer Headquarters: 350/125.
• Refer to Ostheer Ostwind changes above.

Flammpanzer 38 ‘Hetzer’

• Call-In without Schwerer Panzer Headquarters: 350/125.

Command Panther

• Call-In without Schwerer Panzer Headquarters: 700/280.


• Call-In without Schwerer Panzer Headquarters: 700/200.

251 Walking Stuka

The AOE and scatter have been adjusted to make the unit less devastating, particularly against team weapons that it could generally wipe out in one barrage. In return the cost has been reduced and the population made to match the other rocket launchers.
• Health from 320 to 160.
• Cost from 390/100 to 360/85.
• Build-time from 60 to 45.
• Population from 14 to 12.
• AOE damage from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.15/0.01.
• AOE distance from 2/4/6 to 0.5/5.5/7.
• Angle Scatter from 0 to 9.
• Distance scatter max from 0 to 10.5.
• Distance scatter ratio from 0 to 0.0875.
• FOW scatter multipliers from 1 to 1.25.

Base Flak Emplacement

The base emplacements are no longer being allowed to target aircraft. If a player wants to deny aircraft, they must now invest into proper AA such as the Schwerer Panzer HQ or 251 Flak Half-Track.
• Can no longer target aircraft.

Flak Emplacement

• 25% increased damage against aircraft.

Sturm Offizer

• Offizer model Reinforce from 50 to 35 .
• Reinforce time from 16 to 7.


To make the Kubelwagon more vulnerable to light-arms fire and cause less manpower bleed in the early game, the following changes have been made.
• Armour from 4.5/4.5 to 2.5/2.
• Health from 190 to 220.

OKW Starting Weapon Crews

The starting crews for OKW team weapons were currently performing as well as regular Volksgrenadiers unlike traditional weapon teams while their received accuracy on certain weapons was lower, making them more durable against small-arms. This has been adjusted to match other weapon crews.
• Now use a unique variant of the Kar98k rather than the Volksgrenadier version to match other weapon teams.
• Reinforce from 25 to 22.
• Raketenwerfer Crew received accuracy from 0.85 to 1.
• MG-34 Crew received accuracy remains at 1.25.
• Le.ig 18 Crew received accuracy from 0.85 to 1.25


Penal Battalion

The Penal battalion is receiving a reduction in their potency regarding their on-the-move performance to be more in-line with other infantry. Furthermore, Penals will now need to upgrade PTRS rifles to have the ability to stick Satchels to vehicles. This will force players to purchase upgrades, reducing their AI power in return, if they want to ward off vehicles. The Anti-Vehicle Satchel, however, will now be made more reliable as players will have a clear indicator of which squads they will need to avoid.

The veterancy requirements of the Penal squad have also been increased to better match their price and power.
• Moving cooldown from 0.5 to 0.75.
• Veterancy requirements increased from 540/1080/2160 to 640/1280/2560.
• Regular Satchels no longer collide with vehicles.
• Targeted Anti-Vehicle Satchels now require the PTRS upgrade.
• Targeted Anti-Vehicle Satchels will continue to track targets, even after they have moved out of range.
• Fixed an issue where Targeted Anti-Vehicle Satchels would deal high damage to passengers onboard vehicles.
• Fixed an issue where satchels were dealing more damage to friendly infantry than enemy infantry.

1910 Maxim HMG

The Maxim is receiving some boosts to its ability to acquire and respond to targets within its arc. Base suppression is being raised to help the Maxim perform its intended role and its rate of fire at distance is being increased where it suffered the most. This change will boost both damage and suppression at long-range.
• Suppression from 0.00006 to 0.000065.
• Nearby suppression from 1.25 to 1.
• Ready-Aim Time to 0.125.
• Fire-Aim Time to 0.125.
• Fire-Aim Time multipliers standardized to 0.5.
• Rate of fire far modifier from 0.9 to 1.15.

Dshka HMG Team

We are reducing the Dshka’s raw performance and increasing its population, along with its reinforce, to be in-line with other HMGs. Previously the unit’s high suppression allowed it to ignore most sources of cover on-top of having incredibly high damage at short-to-mid distances that required triple the # of machine guns to match.
• Increased reinforcement cost for vanilla crew from 15 to 20.
• Traverse speed decreased from 90 to 38.
• Suppression decreased from 0.00044 to 0.00030.
• Rate of fire multiplier changed from 2.1/1.5/0.9 to 1.3/1.15/0.9.
• Setup time increased from 2 to 2.25.
• Fire aim time from 0.125/1 to 0.125/0.5.
• Ready aim time from 0.375-0.5 to 0.25.
• Population from 6 to 7.


• Call-In cost without Mechanized Armor Kompenya tech: 800/290.
• Veterancy 1 ‘Secure Point’ ability replaced with OF-471 Fragmentation Shell. This ability is a targeted ability that fires a HE shell that cover a large area, but low OHK radius also applies a mini-stun to vehicles hit. Ignores landscape and terrain.


The ISU-15 is being made more reliable in its role as an anti-personnel and anti-fortification assault gun. The HE and Concrete-Piercing shells will no longer collide with terrain such as hills. To adjust for this change, the HE shells are being given less OHK radius against infantry and higher scatter but a lower damage drop-off at distance to prevent it from wiping out full squads in a single hit. Its population is also being raised to match other heavy tank destroyers/assault guns.
• Call-In cost without Mechanized Armor Kompenya tech: 900/325.
• Population from 20 to 23.
• HE Far damage from 0.05 to 0.15.
• HE AOE Distances from 1.25/2.75/4.5 to 0.25/1.5/6.
• Concrete-Piercing and HE rounds can now bypass landscape/terrain.
• Scatter Distance max from 8.7 to 10.
• Angle scatter from 5 to 6.5.

M4C Sherman

Due to the prominence of this general-purpose tank that can be readily deployed without requiring any sort of tech and its effectiveness against most targets, the unit is now being moved in-line with its T-34/85 counterpart. It will now require the Mechanized Armor Kompenya to be produced.
• Now required the Mechanized Armor Kompenya to be constructed.


To emphasize the KV-1’s role as defensive tank meant to absorb damage for lighter units, we are increasing its health to allow the unit to take more punishment. KV-1s has also received a new veteran ability to be more in-line with its adjusted role.
• Call-In cost without Mechanized Armor Kampanenya tech: 525/175.
• Health from 800 to 960.
• Secure Mode replaced with KV-1 Hulldown. Increases rate of fire by 15% and damage resistance by 20% after five seconds. Tank becomes immobile when active.


• Call-In cost without Mechanized ArmorKampanenya tech: 785/290.


• Call-In cost without Mechanized Armor Kampanenya tech: 485/175.
• Veterancy requirements from 2070/4140/8280 to 1750/3500/7000.
• Armor from 240 to 270.

B4 Howitzer

• Cost from 600MP to 400MP/50FU.
• Population from 21 to 15.


The ML-20 is getting a boost to its mid-range AOE. Previously the ML-20 had worse damage drop-off between near and far distances compared to its counterpart, the LefH.
• Cost from 600MP to 400MP/50FU.
• Mid AOE from 0.15 to 0.28.

Dshka Pintle MGs

• 20 Penetration vs aircraft. 65% damage against aircraft.

M5 Quad Mount

The M5 Quad mount has been modified for the new AA system. Due to the number of rounds it fires per burst, its damage against aircraft had to be reduced to prevent it from immediately shooting down planes that enter range. An M5 should still reliably down most aircraft in two bursts, however.
• 35 penetration vs aircraft. 60% damage vs aircraft.



We’ve improved the following aspects of various units that fire shells in an arced trajectory which should increase their reliability. There were a number of issues revolving around units such as:
• Overshooting/Undershooting
• Inconsistent Firing Arcs
• Poor performance when firing over or near shot blockers
• Projectiles disappearing mid-air
• Fixed an issue where it was possible to double-tap fire with ISG/Pack-Howitzers

This affects the following units:
• KV-2
• Brummbar
• StuG E
• Le.ig 18
• Pack Howitzer
• Sturmtiger
• M8A1
• Bulldozer

Sandbags Standardization and Ghosting

All sandbags have been adjusted to a standardized profile. Previously their values were inconsistent resulting in them being destroyed immediately while others could be rapidly destroyed by small-arms.

Furthermore, we are addressing an issue where sandbags could be used to block their opponent, despite the fact their construction remained incomplete.

Ostheer Pioneers will also build sandbags faster to be more in-line with other units due to their four man squad.
• All sandbags standardized to 240 health and 35 armor.
• Ostheer sandbags build-time from 60 to 45
• Units that have been in combat in the past 3 seconds will cause all unfinished enemy ghostbags within 4 radius to immediately deconstruct

Infantry Model Population and Soviet Weapon Teams

We’ve adjusted the population of infantry to be based on the squad rather than individual models. This means that all team weapons, regardless of who crews them, will retain the same amount of pop cap.

Furthermore, Soviet weapon teams and weapons that they have re-crewed will now have reduced population to match their counterparts.
• All infantry model population standardized to 1
• Soviet captured or weapon teams in use have -2 population to match the population of other factions.

Team Weapon Squad Formations

Team weapons are being adjusted in their formations to make them less vulnerable to both AOE when they are taking cover.
• Formations adjusted for all team weapons to increase spacing between models when in cover.

Toggled Cloak Abilities

We are reducing the amount of unnecessary clicks surrounding these abilities by allowing the following units to move at their full speed when they have been revealed, regardless if the ability is still active.
• Panzer II Luchs
• Jagdpanzer IV
• Raketenwerfer
• Soviet ATGs

Smoke Barrages

• Activating smoke barrages will now only order one unit at a time (similar to grenades). Previously if multiple mortars were selected, all units would fire smoke at the target position.

Target Weak Point

This change affects the mode of operation for TWP that applies to StuG Gs, Pak guns, Pumas and the Elefant. Target Weak Point should now only fire one shot, but the player has more time to. Furthermore, it means units with this ability can now use TWP on the move without being forced to stop when told to target hostiles.
• Target Weak Point now last for 10 seconds or until the unit fires its first shot while under this ability. Activating the ability forces the unit to reload before being able to fire

Battlegroup Headquarters

• Medic search radius increased from 20 to 30.
• The Battlegroup between now requires more distance between itself and obstacles before it can be deployed. This is to prevent it from trapping infantry models.


• Projectile no longer collides with terrain/landscape.

T-34 Animator State

This is a simple re-introduction of assets that are already available to provide some diversity when the T-34 spawns.
• T-34s now have a 50% chance of arriving on the battlefield with fuel canisters and supply boxes.

Resupply Half-Track

The Resupply Half-Track is being adjusted to be in-line with other transport half-tracks.
• Occupant death chance from 0% to 50%.

Headquarters Glider

A number of issues have been fixed revolving around the glider should it crash-land. The Headquarters Glider will now also be able to rebuild the Airlanding Officer should the unit be destroyed.
• Airlanding Officer limited to one, but can now be produced from the Glider.
• Fixed an issue where the player could be locked out of the ability if the glider crash landed.


• USF Officers shield icons will now display on the unit bar when their respective tech building is being unlocked.


• Grenadier LMG 42 now uses the proper upgrade icon.
• Maxim Sustained Fire now uses the proper ability icon.
• KV-8 Call-In ability now uses the proper unit icon.
• Soviet and USF ATGs are no longer slowed by cover to match their Axis and British counterparts.
• Soviet Roks 3 no longer has higher aim-times compared to other flamethrowers
• Fixed an issue where Hold Fire would not work properly on mortars/Le.IG and the Pack Howitzer
• Fixed an issue where the Veterancy 1 Soviet mortar flare ability would sometimes not trigger
• 120mm Mortar flare ability not matching the weapon’s auto-fire range
• Fixed an issue where the T-34 Ram ability would stun on deflection, but not on penetration.
• Fixed an issue when 250 LMG Grenadiers did not have penalties when constructing objects and gained increased range on their grenade with veterancy
• Fixed an issue where the AI would not upgrade healing or repairs for their respective structures.
• Fixed an issue with infantry handheld AT weapons would not properly apply death criticals to vehicles when the target reaches 0% health.
• Fixed an issue where the Bulldozer would fire less smoke rounds compared to the regular Sherman.
• Fixed an issue where officer cost and reinforce times did not match with the rest of their squad.
• Fixed an issue where Firefly tulips could apply their effects on infantry.
• The Priest no longer requires 4 models to recrew. Now requires 3.
• Fixed an issue where M2HBs and Dshka HMGs could not be targeted when abandoned.
• Fixed an issue where certain infantry units awarded more experience than their actual entity cost would imply.
• Fixed an issue where SU-85 Focus Sight and T-70 Recon abilities were not properly highlighted when on cooldown.
• Fixed an issue where certain units could ‘double shot’.
• Fixed an issue where certain MGs could not be upgraded with Ambush Camouflage when captured.
• Fixed an issue where Ambush Camouflage did not properly apply at 1 CP. [An increase in CPs does not affect how the upgrade ambush camouflage is being applied to units.]
• Fixed an issue where the Grenadier 250 Half-Track was 7 population versus the 5 of the Panzergrenadier 250 Half-Track.
• USF battlechatter will now reference their bazooka lines when in combat.
• Fixed an issue where Fallschirmjager did not use their FG-42 voice lines.
• Fixed an issue where Commandos previously took too long to regain their ambush bonuses when out of combat.
• Fixed an issue where it was possible to hide the Sturmtiger aiming its shell.
• Fixed an issue that the Soviet Sniper would camouflage when only a single model was in cover.
• Fixed a UI issue where the building preview was displaying longer MG weapon range than the actual one. This applies to Bunkers and Fighting Positions. (Seems fine on Bunkers, Fighting Pits has more range then UI indicates)
• Fixed an issue where pinned squads under the effects of Raid Operation would be able to capture points with the ability on.
• Fixed an issue where it was not possible to access the same abilities between certain units. This includes, Lieutenants, Sappers and Tommies.
• Fixed an issue where machine guns that had the Ambush Camouflage Hold-Fire ability active upon death would not auto-acquire targets when they were recrewed.
• Fixed an issue where the Bofors Barrage would continue, even if the Bofors lost its garrison bonus.
• Fixed an issue where Mortar Pit Smoke Barrages left gaps within in its creeping barrage.
• Pack Howitzer HEAT barrage no longer replaces HE barrage.


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    Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin
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    V1.1.1 HOTFIX


    • Fixed an issue where the ISU-152 could not use the Concrete-Piercing Rounds ability
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    Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

    Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the Fall Balance Preview has been put on hold indefinitely. I have no doubt that the learnings that came from the changes in this mod will be invaluable for the future and in one form or another, the work here will not go to waste.

    We would like to thank Mr. Smith, Miragefla, SoE-Sturmpanther and all that playtested the mod and gave their feedback for your hard work and dedication to this project. We encourage those that have interest in making tuning pack mods to keep going and trying new ideas on the Steam Workshop.

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