[USF] [1v1] Smoke Grenades



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    2 years ago

    @SkysTheLimit ha detto:

    @SAY_MY_NAME said:
    1) It's on a unit that has big field presence

    Hence why I already agreed to moving the smoke of riflemen. Just not changing the smoke.

    @SAY_MY_NAME said:
    2) Elite units have the short range version of it dumbed down whcih effect end as the tank move

    US Elites don't.

    @SAY_MY_NAME said:
    3) Ground attack is a thing.

    Works both ways. The stun effect the smoke grenade applies is 0 vision and -50% movement speed, no reason you can't fire back. Unless the ability guide on coh2.org is wrong, that's my only reference since I've never had a US player do this to my tank.

    My argument isn't that its necessary, I just see zero reason to remove it.

    1) Simply removing it won't fix it
    1.1) USF now has mortar for smoke, like all factions
    1.2) The fact that it stuns tanks and it's cheap with a good range means the smoke itself has to be changed.

    2) OKW elites do,, yet it's a dumbed down version of it that has no considerable effect.

    3) It doesn't, smoke disable main gun for 8 seconds, that's basically a stun state quite powerful for 15 muni.

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    GoYellowFoxGoYellowF… Posts: 22
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    2 years ago
    eonfigureeonfigure Posts: 468
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    I believe i have a threat on this topic already (or close to it~)
    but its awesome to see the idea still running in peoples minds.


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