[All][All] Future of Balance Updates

2 years ago
NiradNirad Posts: 206
edited August 2017 in Balance Feedback
I'd like to know what the point of discussing balance changes any further considering the Fall Balance Preview has been halted indefinitely. It now seems there will be no further changes. So now we have to suffer with the lack of much needed balance changes needed especially for allies. i.e. Jackson needs the HP increase and axis heavy TD's needed the nerfs. 3v3 and 4v4 were so heavily in favor of axis it's not even funny. Now that it seems the many changes mentioned in the balance preview will not become a reality, or even any more future changes based on how Kyle responded, what's the point? Axis, especially OKW now get to totally dominate until the game is end of life. F this game and RIP allies 3v3 4v4???


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