More Uniform Variety in Units of the OKW and other factions.

2 years ago
Slapnut1207Slapnut12… Posts: 49
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I notice that every squad member looks exactly the same and doesn't look exactly historical in Coh2 for some units.
The Volksgrenadiers should have Stahlhelms, M43 Ski caps and side caps, Jack Boots, low boots, different types of
uniforms like the M44, M36, M40 and M43 and more equipment since they look really strange without the gas container,
Water canteen, bread bags and a shovel or knife. (Could be both.) The Panzer fusiliers should be given a water canteen, a shovel
or knife, bread bag and maybe give them a variety of M43 Ski Caps and Stahlhelms. The Sturm Pioneers squads could add
some jackboots that will mix in with the lowboots. Soviet Units like Conscripts and Penal Battalions could get a mix of
hats and helmets. Riflemen and Rear Echelon could get a mix of equipment. Also add grenades and give the German West Heer
and Ost Heer Field Gray 41 for units that are standard and cheap like the Volksgrenadiers. The Ostheer Grenadiers could have
different equipment and headgear.


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