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2 years ago
ReichsgardeReichsgar… Bad Tolz, Bayern, GermanyPosts: 121

Wehrmacht depends quite a bit on bunkers to hold the line. I feel that the following changes have to be made to make bunkers more dependable and reliable:

  • Make bunkers 100% immune to small-arms fire (this should have been implemented since the beginning)
  • Allow Bunkers to be upgraded into a Medical Center that heals and reinforces troops at the same time.
  • Allow Bunkers to be upgraded into a Repair Center that repairs damaged vehicles.
  • Allow Bunkers to be upgraded into a Command Post that gives a passive defensive bonus to all units nearby (not stackable).


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    2 years ago
    Top_Haten1Top_Haten1 Posts: 40
    edited December 2017

    Ah ha, you should be looking at COH1 here (And a bit of a COH1 guy i am)

    In COH1 you had the 1st and 3rd of your changes as start (But the bunkers were concrete)
    What it resulted in was...
    1. Bunkers being immune to small-arms fire made them quite powerful early game, especially against the British who had no other units able to take them out for a long time. Would this matter in COH2? Maybe, it would need to be evaluated since AT can come quite early nowadays...
    2. About Medical centers, I believe that if you made this change it would be slightly OP, there is no such thing for the allies and it is a bit unfair in that way. So i would make the bunker weaker and unable to be garrisoned.
    3. Repair centers were rarely used but when they were they were spammed to oblivion. They were less of a building to be put once or twice and more to be put everywhere. If you were adding repair centers i would say it would need to be the same (A basic reskin) of the soviet one.
    4. Command posts sound quite good, but i really think there should be a limit to the number you can make. Maybe have 1 command post and then you can extend the coverage with "Radio nests" If the Allies find and knock out your Command post your units get "Disorganized" or "Left without command" debuff for a while so you would need to hide (Or protect) your command post well. I believe a command post should be quite beefy because they are technically able to be artied to hell.

    Good ideas
    -Top Hat

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    2 years ago
    Be a neat doctrinal ability or maybe tied to bp3 to grant a little more staying power
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