something i want appear in the game

2 years ago
Dangminh25Dangminh25 Posts: 66
edited February 2018 in Wishlist

-the mystery "early war tank", doctrine tank like valentine and puma

-German Pz III (i found in worldbuilder but it spawn a Pz IV F1, maybe they not complete yet) using for anti tank, effect on light vehicle and medium tank, not so good on anti infantry

-German volkssturm, arms with 2 Stg 44 and 2 K98 rifle, can use panzerfaust
in Halbe map, soviet campain


-the legendary flak 88 for Okw

-normal Hetzer

-Select AI doctrines in Custom match
the Host can select AI doctrines, the doctrines the host have or just random doctrines in the game

P/S: I think they stop develop this game now so don't have much hope that they will add new things to this game


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