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    2 years ago

    @SkysTheLimit said:
    > @Mr_Ruin said:
    > Then how should the WM sniper counter Sov sniper team? Hope they stay in one place? Even double tap took much more skill than killing Ost sniper, now it is almost impossible to countersnipe Soviets. And the other counter, the 222, is almost useless against snipers ...

    I already said the 222 should be buffed and reworked.... That's how. Please pay attention to the discussion if you're going to contribute. Double tapping, regardless of faction, units, cost, etc. should not be in the game. Period.

    The US can't countersnipe ostheer either, but they have the m20. Give the 222 proper anti-sniper ability, and there's no problem here. Seems very simple.

    Ok, I am all for reworking 222 but if you do what you are suggesting (decrease fuel cost and increase dmg to mg and put autocannon as an upgrade) one patch later allies will scream that it is OP and it will be reverted. Cause it was cheaper several patches ago and they did just that. And we are back on square one.

    I am not trying to discredit your idea, I think it is good. Just that it will probably work for one patch and that is it.

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    2 years ago
    XlossXloss Posts: 235


    Auto cannon upgrade should be available so 222 can convert from anti-inf/sniper to light vehicle hunter.
    Cost reduction maybe advise depending how it function.
    Atleast Ost will have options.

    Ost is already lacking in light tanks where i now they got a lot of it during the war.
    When you have 222 its already countered by sov inf, much more by the t-70.
    Atleast it should to what it suppose to do. Infantry killer or light vehicle hunter.
    222 cant even kill a single model of cons before it will die lol.
    Your not even afraid of it. instead you like to rush at nade it to death.
    222 dont have the fear factor or pressure when you have it.
    like Oh i need to buy AT guns.
    No!!! Luch rush
    t-70!!! Retreat!!!!!
    Stuart pressure

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    2 years ago
    @Mr_Ruin The Brits weren't even in the game when the scout car was changed to the no upgrade format. And allies were complaining because the 222 was half the fuel cost it is now, so double scout car was a common thing.

    A lot has changed since then, and clearly the current price price is too high for what you get.
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    2 years ago
    Yep. The problem was that the buffed but cheap 222 was only 5 fuel more than the clown car
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