Cannot join automatch/lobby. Get kicked to main screen with blank message window

6 months ago

As title. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I have tried verifying the integrity of my game files already.


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    6 months ago
    bananamanbananaman Posts: 8

    Copy pasted title since it truncates it: "Cannot join automatch/lobby. Get kicked to main screen with blank message window"

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    6 months ago
    bananamanbananaman Posts: 8

    Picture of what's happening:

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    6 months ago
    bananamanbananaman Posts: 8

    From what I've read on the forums... I am probably banned for abusive chat. I do admit I get a bit carried away... D:

    It seems like the standard ban is for one week?

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    6 months ago
    dukejasondukejason Posts: 1,331 mod
    edited April 10

    What exactly happened? Why would you be banned?

    Please provide your steam 64 Id if you want clarification on your ban and the length of time. @bananaman

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    6 months ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 186 admin
    edited April 13

    I can confirm your account was permanently banned for repeatedly using cheats in game.

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    4 months ago
    CCristiXCCristiX Posts: 1
    edited June 3

    I'm havving same problem. Steam ID: ccristixx
    I never use cheats, or any other stuff...
    Can some one tell em what happened? Thanks in advance

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    3 months ago
    cabofriocabofrio Posts: 2

    That s it, anyway remember that other players were permanet banned and then reintegrated like BartonPl and Von Ivan, so law is not equal for all the players. Remeber that

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